A special adventure with Bucks… No, not this Cuties
from the Blog of Longlifecatsanddogs
I mean this:
My Mom was shopping and would pay her stuff on the checkout. She would pay with a 100 euro bill. BUT!!! The staff of the store doesn’t take the bill without a copy of her passport! Have you ever heart such a bullshit? Why we have this bill if it is useless like a paper shred? Otherwise she got this bill 20 minutes before from an ATM!
Finally  my mom paid with her card and after this she  had no more desire to buy the really important things like shoes or clothes…(ok, this is not bad… said Dad)
I don’t know what’s going on here since we have this stupid Euro ….
Anyway my mom came home totally pissed, because the power windows of the car striked… they went down but never up… nothing against fresh air in the car,   but  this was like a mini-tsunami…but her hairstyle was priceless… Oh Boy, I’m happy about my short coat….
We always give at Christmas a little gift to the bank and to our favorite stores… but this year they will get a cheesecake!
The meanest thing ever is: my mom plundered later MY piggy bank and as replacement she gave me the green shred… UNFAIR!

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  1. You’re in France Easy, right?
    My human noticed when we were still living there that little by little, smaller notes were refused more and more. Like in a couple of years they will refuse the 50 euro notes?
    Ah, humans.

  2. Well, here at the tran station there’s a place they do take notes higher than 10, even if you are paying 30 euros you pay in 3 of 10 or 6×5 or coins. However, they don’t have a paper saying they don’t take those bills. That that I was in a hurry, needed to take teh train in 10 minutes, decided to buy a sandwich and they refused to take my 20 (I was paying 8.50), they got really mad at me cuz I refused to pay with my card, short story long, they didn’t take my 20, I bit the sandwich and took off. That’ll teach them to at least put a freaking sign.

  3. I agree with Doggy’s Dad…..if a shop isn’t going to take certain denominations of bills they ought to SAY SO!!! No wonder your Mom was “in a state” when she came home (not talking about her hairstyle here)! Cheesecake (burp) as a gift for the holiday sounds like a lovely idea……they DESERVE it.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. Easy, please tell your mom that whatever she does, do not try the pink 500 notes! No one, not even the banks will take them! This play money is getting ridiculous 😦

    • I think the case my mom would pay with a 500 note is very rare :o))) maybe no one want this note because it looks like the money of a table dance bar?…. and no, I was never in such a bar :o)))))

  5. Goose says:

    That is just crazy! Looks like there will be a lot of cheesecake to go around.

  6. Good golly Easy, that is just ridiculous. Wish you’d had a photo of your Mom after the windows down drive and really hope it doesn’t rain if they won’t go up again. Well done on your clever post – you are officially on my blogroll (whenever I figure out how to do it!) 🙂

    • Unfortunately we haven’t a pic … better to go into cover, if a human mushroom cloud is entering your crib :o)) I think the blogroll installing would have the same effect….but I cross my paws for this doing…

  7. catchatcaren says:

    Easy….I can’t let ya get away with this….don’t ya mean “HEY” Dude????? BOL!!!!!!
    Giving everyone at the bank Cheesecake! The evil cheesecake! Love it! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. Jen says:

    I would have breathed fire if a store was like “lol, sorry, you can’t use your physical money here.”

    Don’t euros have anti-counterfeit things in them? At the very least, in the US, we have a pen that stays yellow if used on real mnoey, and turns brown if used on anything else. Besides a few different ways of identifying the bill itself.

  9. Mollie says:

    Looks like CHEESECAKE all round 🙂 Oh your poor Moms had a day of it 😦 Woods of luv’s to have seen the hairdo….xx00xxx

  10. Kyla says:

    Get used to it or take action. It’s gonna happen all over the world. The powers that be want to get rid of cash. They can’t track it, track you or control stuff. When you pay by a card, they know what you’re buying and where.

  11. OMC! If Kyla is correct, humans are doomed to be forever under bank control….oh, wait…what Mom? Ooohhhhhh…Mom says humans are already under bank control. Oooppps! Cheesecake recipe must be distributed globally! Hurry Easy, publish now! Just sayin’….Savannah

    • But this is sooo scary, isn’t it? Think for real they deserve much more than only a cheesecake and the aftereffects… Next time we should pay the weekend shopping with 1-cent coins….

  12. Bol Easy ‘Let them eat cheesecake’ and off with thier heads
    Best wishes Molly.

  13. Brian says:

    I thought money was money! Cheesecake sounds good to me though, let’s eat!

  14. rumpydog says:

    Here in the US a business would never turn down cash…. they might first check to see it’s not fake, but then they’d take it for sure!

  15. kolytyi says:

    The shop assistant might have thought that your mom had come from the Almodovar-film Women on the Verge of the Nervous Breakdown: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_QqpeMDaeG4U/SwNZrycvMvI/AAAAAAAAFQY/rKwPSVh5VOo/s576/women3.jpg. She/he wanted an autograph but could not remember the actress’s name. Thus, he/she asked for your mom’s passport.
    Take the 100 euro bill to the bank, let is change into 1 cent coins, and buy as many piggy banks as needed for them. You will have a huge herd of piggies!

    • We tried to change the note, but guess what the banker said….’passport please’ . what a freak! He knows us since 14 years… Either we have to change our look to more seriousness or they all are on drugs…

      • kolytyi says:

        I think they have bought cheese at the same store as your mom. Baking made disappear its psychedelic effects (thus, you and your staff had only problems with your tummies) but the people in the bank and at that shop seem to have eaten raw cheese…
        Your mom should make a try with the 100 euro note and with her passport – or rather, YOU should do it with your new driving licence, since you do not have any coordination problems and can run very-very quickly 🙂

      • BOL, ok the entertainment factor would be priceless but the aftereffects… think it could be a little bit uncomfy :o))))))

      • kolytyi says:

        BTW: Has the ATM where your mom got this damned note from shown its passport to your mom???

      • No, it hasn’t …and that’s a very,very good question, we should ask at the bank …

  16. Clowie says:

    I don’t know why they make the larger notes – same problem here!

  17. Okay I am still laughing about the priceless hair style 🙂

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