to FFF-FURRYDAY hosted by Aunty YAM…

Fall… the time where things fall down from trees, bushes and from da roof if your shingles are a little loose… if that happens in winter then it is shingle bell , when they land on da head of a bypasser… who maybe needs a bypass if he is scared from the good things what come from above like all good stuff. 2/3 of 2020 are gone … and what have we done? Idk… we ask this question anyway only on christmas day according to John Lennon. One day more because it is a bissextile year (is that gender conform or  is it called bissextiler and bissextilette?) … to enjoy all the fun around us… and even one hour more , because of the time change… that is way too much, right? So we either Fall In Pieces with Patsy Cline or we Fall Free with Tom Petty or we Fall In Line with Christina Aguilera…

today we also share NATURE FURRYDAY, hosted by da LLB-Crew,

it’s even fall around our crib (yep that guy felt down 87 times by now… ducttape is not always da solution)

…and this guy never falls because the mama is old school and used wire…

… and that guy will not fall but looks gonerish like da flowers…

… and this one looks da same …

…butt we pull through and if life offers lemons we make lemon pie!

…yeah! that’s what we do….

…what?….lemon pie and not pee… holy jeesuz!

…and with a yellow rose for Rosy we wish you a




to a new epawsode of Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton in pigtures….look what they found for this week…


oh to be a pirate fearless and brave

who rides da waves till they become his grave.

Who gets all things he wants, never gives something back,

and who laughs at da waves what jump on da deck.

But da furst thing you need is a fabulous ship,

you can not do in a dinghy that trip.

But never order at amazon,

their swimming coffins are da biggest con.

They suggest you in offers a super tub

and at the end da capture trip you can  scrub.

the quality and size  is a giant mess

and the maiden voyage ends in distress.

…all aboard of da Sh*tanic !… if you have the size of a guinea pig….






When everything seems to be going against you ,

remember that the airplane takes off against the

wind, not with it.

-Henry Ford-




guess what? Da mama promised us a Mc Sundae at da Golden Seagull…

… butt  the waiting line at Mc Drive was as long as da chinese wall…. and da dad tried to jump  in but it was exactly noon and that place was so crowded that the fans of Ronald had to wait outside… sadly our dad is no animal enthusiast, he said  to wait 20 minutes for two ice cream  cones is way too much and we drove home…

… they offered us a jogurt instead and the mama said that’s tasty too and she hopes we will forgive them…

…sure… after we wrote a complaint to PETA and da WWF…




you! will! NOT! believe! what! happened! to! us!

…a real and TRUE crimestory  took place here at the butt of the universe…

As we  drove for a walk last week, we saw two cars at da parking lot, one was the troop carriers of da yorkshires, da other one was totally strange, we thought uuuh we will have company today, but anyway and … so there we were and waddled though da forest of Camp des Rouëts, as we heard wild barking and da yorkshire-platoon came back to their car in a wild stampede.  They said there is a dog what scared them…

…we immediately climbed on da commanding height, to check da area (sh*t idea!) . As we were on top of that hill, this dog actually came and tried to eat da Phenny, but the mama stepped in and chased it back.  We think it was either a kind of gray nordic pup or a wolf and it was really angry but ran away as the mama raised her banshee voice.  There was no owner in sight and we were all alone except for the deserted yorkshires who fled like cowards from da battlefield. Because that dog was a big one, the mama sounded da strategic retreat and spat in her socks to jump down from that hill.  Although everything goes downhill that days, the stilts of the mama  bucked da trend and became buck-wild, so she came down that hill like a torrent or a ball lightning. Da dad outmaneuvered  her with a backpaw stop volley  before she landed in a ditch.

… da Phenny, da Phenny  that’s domestic violence!… naaah it isn’t… it was outside doofus!

Unfortunately she still had da phenny on da walking string and un-un-fortunately she neglected the dog-walking dresscode  with covering her nakedness with a dress . Da dress slipped up till her ears as she came down that hill like da last judgement and because we have fall 87k leaves, chestnuts and acorns landed everywhere in her undergarments.  So that goat was deep in da well and who thinks it can not come much more worse … gets no right guesser badge today.

She pawformed contortions , while da dad tried to defoilate the mama… and then  da Police came! … we first thought that is very laudable to be immediately at da crime scene, but they didn’t came for da illegal burlesque show, but for that car we saw da furst time there. The mama dropped da curtain aka da dress and they gave her a strange look anyway because she still had the half of da forest in her furs and everywhere and she was black in da face like a coalminer…

They said the owner of that car  is missing and it is there for some days and no one knows more about it. We found out, that this is a car from meurthe-et-moselle, whats ~800 miles away. Da number plate fits not to da insurance badge in da window and da insurance and the tax badge are expired. We also told da pawlice that there are 20 cents and an empty haribo bag in da front and a big empty coke bottle on da back seat and a bag from da golden seagull, sadly empty too. The ungrateful flics said the have eyes and they can read, so thank you Miss Marple. The number plates are either stolen or from a dumpster, there is no registrated car with that plates.  They then said we should make a french leave because they now will check da area if something is wrong there… oh man, there is a lot wrong, there is that car from an area far away, a dog or a wolf and still da clothes full with leaves and dirt…

Sadly they really sat it out and waited till we buzzed off before they entered that forest… da dad refused to sneak back to look what goes on and the mama had to go to bed that day without knowing the last rumours and news… he has no sherlock genes, that’s for sure

The car is still there till today, the mama placed an acorn next to da wheels to see if someone moved the car, but they are still at da same place. We also checked da trees, so just in case…

We will keep ya informed if we find out more or when da car is gone…and we will look if we find out what this dog or wolf has to do with it, maybe he ate the car owner after the bag from Golden Seagull was empty?

The day ended with a ruined dress and a knee what still looks like a sausage and hurts a lot, but we had a lot of thrilling moments and the thrill is quasi da salt in da daily soup of life right?






today we share NATURE FURRYDAY, hosted by da LLB-Crew,

…here are the ducks again at Lake Sammy…

…and here are no ducks after we came…

…and here is da Hell-mut who tries to eat da finger of the mama..

… and here is our compass tree… we always know where da north is with da moss….

… the butterflies

…and an ass-paragus plant…

…and with a small rose for Rosy we wish you a







to a new epawsode of Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton in pigtures….look what they found for this week…

Better than a hiss

is sure a kiss.

…well sort of…




As long as one keeps searching

the answers will come.

-Joan Baez-





guess what? The mama made a super deal in her junk store….

.. she bought a giant backpack and that backpack is for us …

…and just for us…

…it has a lot of room for all our stuff and it is super solid and has padded straps, so the mama can carry our strategic material for hours… or even days….

…there are lots of pockets inside  so our bric-a-brac will no longer fly around inside…

… and if you open a zipper,  a small backpack comes out …

…and you can carry that small thingy with you.  The mama said that is THE backpack for dog shows , we can take the small one with us to the ring while the big one waits in da weimaraner bivouac  with all other stuff……. and you will not believe what you see when you see THAT price tag…

… yes.  2.99 … that’s sometimes unreal and we often fear the cashier girl will say , sorry there is a mistake… butt there was none, we really got this fab thingy or technically TWO fab thingies for this price… and we really needed a better backpack after da Phenny marked our old one that it stinks like all 7 hells…

…..bah whatever, I had to write my name on it after that two greyhounds ate our treats! Not that they would not need it after I looked at them, but that are MY treats… period.

…. I know I know, but I can not wait to go on a big adventure with that new backpack….

…and while we speak about bags, Austria has a new law since 2020  what concerns dogs…. it is now only allowed to be with dogs in public while they wear a leash and a muzzler. that counts for restaurants and also lakes or parks or places where more als 150 persons could be theroretically present. Also at pure DOG events it is obligation to have your dog with a muzzler and a leash… that means at dog shows too , although the dog club of austria tries to find a consent….excluded from this new rules are only  dogs who fit in a bag…

… done… mission completed…

Butt after all we think that  keeping dogs for hours with a muzzler is not animal friendly, nor makes it any sense when it has to happen at events for and with dogs… we know that some people fear or dislike dogs, that is something we have to accept. We don’t like all people either, so what… But why exactly people who fear or dislike dogs go to a dog event and have to be protected from dogs that is something where we miss the intellectual access… honestly







… today we have a math riddle for ya…. yes yes… you read right…

…what will you get when you have a gazillion of flying ducks…

… and you add a big dog on a leash, you multiply by two

and you divide that by 87 acorns on the ground?

… you know it right? …and the mama knows that now too… woaaah…. she left skid marks like a Hummer suv at da Lake Sammy…

….what are ya doing da nelly?…. ummm…planting an acorn tree in our garden, that emergency braking was so friggin funny….

… boy now the penny dropped and he becomes a real weimaraner…