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FFHT… or naah, wait it’s thursday, so: FTHT
this time Murphy and Stanley picked the line: I know there was no turning back now…

What shall I say…. the things in my kingdom aren’t as good as they could be… no worries it’s nothing serious…

It’s just about moi… the silvermistygrey stinker… who thought he is the Captain of our Titanic as my dad left my crib… it  happened exactly that way, Bev, all dogs are related somehow…

… sooooo…. now my dad is back and he really thinks he can wear my crown and he can wave around with my scepter…and I have to defend my throne… by hook or by crook, by pee or by poop… I’m not agressive, I don’t growl or bite… I just try to ramrod my will….

…after a funny evening…



….and a not so funny walk on next noon, the staff made a decision and sent  SOS to the breeder. That means I have to go to school ….can you imagine that? Me, the next Nobel laureate has to do “sit” and “stay” like a wee puppy! That’s emPAWrassing and scandalous butt I know there was is no turning back now…

That stinks…. butt anyway this dad still owns me 650 bucks for the stud service…BASTA!



YES. I’m thankful. Because my dad is back. I’m a happy pup today and now my silvermistygrey world looks much better.  It was the bestest surprise ever as he called me at noon and said he comes home. After a good sunday it became worse yesterday after they removed the catheter and there was no way to place a new one the common way, so they had to find a way through his abdomen wall. They also changed the meds yesterday and it seems the new meds work much better. Butt as always, every rose has thornes, nothing is perfect or purrrrfect like the kitties would say.


My dad has an appointment with the anesthesist  on thursday and on monday he has to go back to the hospital for surgery. The dogtor told my dad, that there is no way  to avoid the surgery, he diagnosed an  inflammatory prostatitis and he said the antibiotics alone are not strong enough to beat it down. Now my dad has to wear an indwelling catheter and I have to be careful when I jump around that I will not hurt him. He looks  peelie wally and fragile, so he has to spend  more time on my bed. I brought him some toys, maybe that cheers him up a little…

We aren’t round the corner , butt it looks much better and we see some light. And we know there is a way, that they can repair my dad.

His tears were running as he read all your comments and your mails and he is totally speechles… so I have to talk for him and all what I can say is:


for all the comments, the mails and the crossed paws, the tailwaggs, the healing purrs and the card from the magic garden in Oz where good thoughts grow.


Thanks that you were there as my mom was discouraged and demoralized, as we felt alone and stranded at night and as we couldn’t find the way out of the vale of doom.


I know it needs a while  till we are back to normal, butt I also know it’s possible… because we have you and we have each other



Welcome to the HIGHLAND GAMES for KYLA


…and Welcome to the BEAN TUG OF WAR


butt first, our sponsor:


because  of the rules of LAPOSTE Frankie and Ernie had to send the giant bean in pieces, butt I have a sewing machine and I hope the patchwork-bean is  strong enough… I built two teams one on the left side of the bean and one on the right, that they are arranged in pairs has no meaning, that’s just what WP did with my layout :o(



oreot breckt BRECK and OREO

gloryt ralphiet GLORY and RALPHIE

abbe annet ANNE and ABBE

samuelt wallacet SAMUEL and WALLACE


hazelt duncant HAZEL and DUNCAN

erniet gooset ERNIE and GOOSE

luket rubyt LUKE and RUBY

murphyt  penelopet MURPHY and PENELOPE

speedyt phod SPEEDY and ZAPHOD

williamt sammyt WILLIAM and SAMMY



gamblert maziet GAMBLER and MAZIE

madit martyt MADI and MARTY

elliet alliet  ELLIE and ALLIE

baileyt  haileyt  BAILEY and HAILEY

cubby razt CUBBY and RAZ

houdinit bacont HOUDINI and BACON

conradt crickett CONRAD and CRICKET

samanthat misakit SAMANTHA and MISAKI

frankiet rangert FRANKIE and RANGER

shebat sidebitet SHEBA and SIDEBITE

spittyt stanleyt SPITTY and STANLEY

susiet daisyt SUSIE and DAISY

…and here she is…

The one and only QUEEN OF THE HIGHLANDS:



… I just prepared the  finishline…and there is the start signal…. and you can click on the photo to make it bigger of course…



the bean is stretched till the breaking point with the teams hanging on both sides…



… and to be(an) or not to be(an) that’s the question… butt not for the Queen of Bean…


 … that looks like bean me up Scottie …




While I wait  till the contestants come back, you could jump in Kyla’s car to visit the other events of the  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious HIGHLAND GAMES

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Mollie’s and Alfie’s Highland Games




easyblog FEAR FRIDAY

Dear friends,

a bad thing happened here. Yesterday they brought my dad to the hospital with a kidney failure. There was no warning or any sign that something could be wrong it happened out of the blue, so no one was prepared for anything.  He is still there and we only got the information that he is stabilized and that he had a quiet night. For more informations my mom has to wait till she can talk with the doctor in the evening. They promised her to call her back yesterday in the evening, but we got no recall and so we had a really bad night.

Please don’t be sad that we can’t wander through blogville for today and the weekend, we love you all and we haven’t forgotten to visit you, it’s just that my mum runs around with the phone in her hand, waiting for a sign and she has to manage all things my dad normally does.

Butt we are there on monday with the bean-contest, my mom works on the pictures and she learnt that she has to learn a lot, to be as good as my dad on that front… but she is able to learn :o)


I’m totally confused, because it’s the first time that my dad is not here and I wait for him and I warm his place in the bed till he is back.

I miss you all and I wish I could maneuvre such a compawter to stay in blogville with you till the dark clouds are far away from my kingdom.



I’m back. In one piece. Including the staff. What shall I say… Napoleon lost his dignity in Waterloo, Pumpkin lost her dignity in the house of Flavor Flav and my dad lost his in Poitiers… butt let me tell you the story of our hell trip…
We started in the early morning on friday… ok a little bit later, because my butt was glued on my bed…
… butt then we really started. The GPS said 321 km (~200 miles), travel time 5.5 hours. Pfff as if, how can we need such a long time for such a pitiful distance? That’s right, the GPS was wrong we needed 7 hours.
… the landscape changed, all things turned into “southern style” and I felt like stranded on the planet of the apes in a strange country…
It was friday and rush hour everwhere… and the system they have here to control the traffic at a road construction zone is just brilliant…
the guy has to hold a sign what says no entry for us…
… and after 87 hour he has to turn it around… think “short time work” gets a special meaning when you have to stay on the road as a humanoid traffic sign…. bet they always  have vacancies…
 butt anyway we really landed at the castle of Gilles de Rais aka Bluebeard… there was the next sign…
… it said that the castle is closed till april 2015….  and we weren’t able to wait so long there… but nevertheless we entered that crib, because I pretended to be an archaeologist and worked with all my paws on the excavation site, that my mom could take some photos,
while my dad tells you the story of Gilles de Rais:
after a picnic at the castle we jumped back in the elephant skate
…to drive to our howltel in Poitiers
… the main city of Poitou-Charentes and Vienne…
….the howltel was 2 minutes away from the Parc des Expositions what we had to visit the next day…
… the room was small, butt ok… and in nearly every room was a pup….
… the walls were thin, butt the doors were the same they have in Fort Knox… very heavy and self-locking…
… even when you have your finger inside… right, dad?
… after a not really peaceful night with a super barkfest, we went up in the early morning and we drove to the show in a convoy, after a biped who knew the way to the show and this time we came too soon what’s totally uncommon for us and from this moment  all things went south…
The show, 1883 pups and me…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This time the judgement was different and not sorted by groups, butt by breeds. It was an indoor show and with all the kennels in the same hall and the grooming tables it was pokey…
We had to wait for 3.5 hours, because the Weimaraners were announced at 11:25 am… that was not easy, because in the hall it was loud and pokey and outside they had a K9 examen where they shot …
  My beautiful picture
… butt then it was my turn… The Show-helper said we are next and we changed my collar and the leash. (we don’t use a show leash, it’s no obligation, you can use whatever you want). Just that moment a girl came close. It was a German Shorthair and as I said hell-o, this girl bit me in my nose! 
My beautiful picture
We’ve got a leash salad, the cam went down and my mom took a cool photo of the floor till the cam disappeared between all the legs and paws… therefore the pictures are blury and mom missed the launching of the silvermistygrey missile what darted of with mach2. 
 My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture
… and  here I am on the way to my Waterloo and directly to the first place in Hall of Shame… in case you missed me in the middle of the video, I just tried to get that naughty girl, sadly my dad couldn’t jump over the fence like me…
The judge was a woman and very professional, because she was at big shows and even a judge at CRUFTS where she judged the toy group…. that means her eyes saw nearly  all things what can happen… even a pup,  totally over the top…. she checked my nose, there was nothing, my sniffer is  as good als always, look:
 My beautiful picture
 butt with  all sympathy, my performance was well spoken said a CATastrophe… and it was more than fair that I’ve got even a judgement. Many thanks, honestly,  from the bottom of my mommas nearly broken heart…
My beautiful picture
 My beautiful picture
btw: the name of this pup is: I SAID NO NO NO … thinks that’s a statement…
After I crashed   that whole thingy I was as good as gold and parked my butt next to my dad and played with my new bud Ilton as nothing had happened…  just my dad’s dignity is buried under the red carpet of Poitiers, directly next to my mom’s naches…
I drove home with a “tres bon” and a first place  in “classe ouverte male”,  with a new bud named Ilton, who lives sadly far away and the dream about a black lobster my mom promised me… even when she said my gig wasn’t worth a fish stick from the cheapest store….
… and guess what? I can’t wait for my next trip….
……and if you want to join the bean-tug-of-war, there is still time till 10/25… you can read about it here…or
at Mollie&Alfie where you can read all about the Highland Games for Kayla

easyblog wordy wednesday


WORDY WETNESDAY… yes, we have tons of rain..


























YES. it’s right. The silvermistygrey pup goes on a howl-i-day and he has to sit on his mommas lap for 5 hours… or more… We will visit a spooky place and a show what takes TWO days, on Saturday the pups of group 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 will start and on sunday the pups of group 2, 5, 9, 10. Also on sunday the group winners enter the Ring of fire d’Honneur for Best In Show… no worries I’m definitely not amongst them, I can drive home after the show on saturday, that’s as sure as the bear still sh*t’s in the forest. We will start on Friday in the morning and we are back on Sunday. I’m the number 1179, that means that there are some more dogs … and maybe one of them is a silvermistygrey Weimgirl…
Butt if you want to send pictures or entries for the tug-of-bean challenge, you still can send it to
arttecforu at aol dot com I will answer your mails on moanday.
Some peeps and pets asked about this event: it will be a tug of war with a giant bean instead of a rope and we will build two teams who pull on every side of that bean thingy. You do not need a special picture, just one where you are identifiable, so my dad can include you in a bean-of-war-team.






It’s pawty time!

Yes. We celebrate



I’m the host of an event called GREEN BEAN TUG OF WAR


…thanks Dad, that’s the limit of embarrassment and btw: that’s a PEE… sorry, I mean… a PEA-COSTUME!

… butt anyway, back to the roots… or to the beans hehehe

It would be great if you would join the great BEAN EVENT, the more the merrier, right?

Just send me a picture of you, with your name and the name of your blog or give me a sign via mail that I can pick a picture of your blog to include you into a TUG OF BEAN team.

It would be great if you could send all pictures or entries  till OCTOBER 25th, so my dad can finish the picture-work in time.

If you want to hear more, or if you want to host an event or if you have any idea how we could make this pawty for Kyla much more special, please hop over to Mollie&Alfie (YES; THEY ARE BACK; YAY!) where you can read all about the pawty!

you can drop me a line to  : arttecforu at aol dot com


Please join the pawty and let’s have  a good time together….


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