to a new epawsode of Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton in pigtures….look what they found for this week


oooh we love drive in’s…

once in da good ole days, many moons before our time

there was a drive in waiter or waitress, and your coke was not full with ice cubes butt with lime,

there were burgers as big as from a wagon a wheel

and the french fries were crispy butt not made of steel.

the main thing was, you got what you want

and the waitress was a kind of confidant.

not like today where you scream  your order

in a thingy  far away at the next houses border

and after you waited 87 years

you noticed that you confused the trashcan

with da pole of the service guys extended ears.

…gosh how embarrassing…… indeed my friend, indeed….

And the moral of this  confusing tale,

never go to the golden seagull when you’re plastered from beer or ale.





About easyweimaraner

Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009, male & fabulous From: Britanny / France Likes: Plushtoy-Shredding, Spikebones,long distance Walks, everyday a Gift, Chicken, Shoes, Underwear, my squeekie Pig & my whole Life Dislikes: Water, Cats, Beaf, Cats, cleaning my Ears, Cats, the Vet, Cats, Snow & CATS! Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree i become to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually i'm not sure... Status: Single Pets: Hell, NO! i prefer a petfree home. but owner of two slaves for my comfy Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed, Master of Beggin, Prince of Thiefs We decided to leave Easy's datas as they were... although we lost him in november 2016, he is still with us.... and his little brothers Phenny and Nelly promised to write on not as Easy the weim, but as easy Weimaraner... About us: Mr. Phoenix, born 9/9/2016 a virgo and always clever&smart...Neilson, born 7/28/2017 a leo who thinks he is clever&smart...

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  1. That is a swell poem…drunkenness and being plastered does often make the brain cells a bit…um…sluggish!

  2. niasunset says:

    Yes, good point, I almost agree with the poet! Thank you Lovely Team, Have a nice day and weekend, Be in safe, Love, nia

  3. Hari OM
    BOL – to be fair, it was only because you told me that I took a second look and recognised the waste bin as not the talk-to machine… and I am sitting perfectly undrunk at a distance to see the evidence! Hugs and wgas, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. HAHAHAHAHA Guys and The Mama…..that’s a purrfect poem that brings back a lot of memories to my Mom and lots of others of “the old days”……My Mom says she was never too drunk to scream her order in a trash can but I’m not sure I believe her. I can totally see her doing that!

    Hugs, Teddy

    • Mew mew mew Teddy yore Meowmy was so guud! BellaSita Mum meowed to mee shee ordered many a Big Mac under THE Innfluence an not allways at THE window…..
      Iss a guud thing shee not due THAT anymore! 😉
      Mew mew mew BellaDharma

  5. There might be better food in that funny trash can than what’s on the real menu…

  6. Take me back to those days! I miss them so much. Everything felt righ with the world!

  7. Always use to love those drive ins where the staff brought your food out on skates. It was probably just as well that I never got one of those jobs-they’d probably have lost a lot of profit on my spillage of orders.

  8. BOL BOL BOL ordering at the trash can I love it
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. We love your poem and life lesson. BOL!

  10. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    Always check which is the trash can and which is the order point!

  11. MadSnapper says:

    Love it Love it! made me laugh out loud. your poem is so true, way back during the time this photo was taken, when I was in high school, we put 6 of us in one car and road around at night on the week ends, flirting with boys and buy a coke and fries and sit in the car for a while and move on… we gathered and no one shot each other or cursed each other, we just had fun. the poem is perfect. the tree is almost down

  12. Lulu: “Our Dada says now he wants a chocolate malted! Whatever that is …”

  13. Mew mew mew Aunty an Phenny an Nelly yore poe-em brott back funny memoreess to BellaSita Mum!!!
    Shee iss laffin herself silly here 😉
    ***nose bopss*** BellDahrma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum

  14. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! Boy your poem made our Mom laugh so hard, he coffee came out her nose! We LOVE it when that happens! We purrticularly LOVE the looks on your faces! You look just like Cinnamon when our Peep did that! We hope you have a marvellously happy day! Purrs Marv

  15. MOL…if that trashcan could speak!!!

  16. Brian says:

    We’re still giggling at your fun poem boys!

  17. Good job, boys. I mean who wouldn’t want a burger as big as a wagon wheel?

    Love and licks,

  18. Just a minute. Not yet. Just a minute. Famous words from our Mom when she gets to the ordering board where they keep asking for your order! XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia

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