wake up da Phenny, we have to show da blogvillers da newest shopping fails of the mama…

furst we have a ginormous flower pot there… it was riskful 2.99….

.. the idea of the mama was, to use a heartshaped bowl we bought once,  as an insert and viola a pawfect stylish doggy bar is made. Sadly the heart shaped bowl is gone with the wind or gone with the  garbage collection, because our dad used it for something he can ot remember but he remembers that the bowl didn’t survive…so we have a useless pot, what says something we don’t understand and we lost 2.99…

…but now to da super deal… guess what’s inside? a table… and  the whole thing was only 3.99

we had some doubts that a whole table is in that small box, butt who knows? sometimes things grow when they are out of the box, right?


but the surprise on da face of the mama was priceless as she found only this! in da box… three legs and some screws…

….seems she ended screwed… butt maybe we use the screws for those who are maybe loose?

at least there is an instruction sheet how to put da table together… and in case the mama finds a tabletop once in her junk store, we  have all things we need to build a mighty fine coffee table…

finally the ice cream was good, so the whole shoppingtrip was not totally for da berds…




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  1. BOL, BOL!!! Buyer beware!!
    Good thing the ice cream was yummy! You can console yourself in that container. Tee-hee!

  2. Uhoh……I think all that tape wrapped around the cardboard box with the legs in it MIGHT have been a clue that SOMETHING was missing from the package……like a tabletop. Well I’m sure the Mama will keep an eye out for a tabletop at the Trashure Store! Maybe the legs could attach to that heart-shaped thing you’re going to throw away! HAHA

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Oh no! Apart from the ice cream that was not a good shopping trip.

  4. Hari OM
    Gracious, that trashure store is more like a fayre ground lucky dip bin!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. My GBGV Life says:

    Mom always says you get what you pay for, so not spending much money, you don’t get much good stuff. I guess your mom just enjoys shopping and finding bargains.

  6. Välkommen is Swedish and means Welcome. Maybe it is used outside the door for washing feet, just guessing.
    A new DIY to make a tabletop.

  7. That’s crazy about the table top missing! Maybe the mama missed the boxes of tops in the trashure store!

  8. Our mom thought that was a planter. That’s probably why all her flowers die fast, BOL!

  9. We bet your mama will come up with a creative top for her new table. Thank goodness for ice cream!

  10. Sandra Hangey says:

    I am trying really hard to not laugh but the laughter is winning. what a surprise on both your great and cheap FINDS… Oh my… I am trying to think of something to do with the hear, nothing coming up yet.

  11. OH MY DOGS…another one of life’s mysteries…I hope da Dad didn’t get into too much trouble for tossin’ things in the trash with out prior approval from da *Queen Bee of the house. *Years ago one of our neighbors had twin boys. I made the comment that she was in a male dominated home…she said YES BUT I’M da Queen BEE
    Hugs cecilia

  12. Ann Adamus says:

    Is that what is meant by “not having a leg to stand on”? However, if pawsitioned with care a three-legged table might stand … if wild weims did not pass by that is.

  13. Maybe the heart shaped planter can be filled with some flowers for next spring? We can see another DIY project for your dad to make a table top to fit those legs. BOL!

  14. lapaylor says:

    oh they have bliss face eating that ice cream. 3 legs… wow how useful… what a disappointment. ordering stuff is a crapshoot

  15. Wee know what THE ❤ shaped pot sayss Phenny an Nelly an Aunty Katty!! It iss Swedish fore WELLCOME!!! Wee are so clevurr rite?
    What THE CAT??? Where iss THE table top??? Aunty wee think you shuud take legss an screwss inn box back to store an ask fore a reefund!!!! Or THE tabletop!! Man you allwayss get screwss an not inn a guud way!
    An (M)ice creem meenss Aunty'ss trip was not a toe-tall bust!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

  16. Hee! Hee! Our Mom has some pretty great shopping fails too! But we can see POTENTIAL in these 2…We hope you guys have the best Weim day EVER!

  17. Kismet says:

    For the berds????

  18. Brian says:

    That is some table, it’s going topless!

  19. The OP Pack says:

    Ice cream makes everything better:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  20. Marsha Gay says:

    Lots of new things to play with. I am sure something pretty will love the heart shaped planter

  21. That table may end up being a knockout. So far, though, not so much….

    Love and licks,

  22. With your Dad’s DIY skills, I’m sure he can build your mama a super table.

  23. edgar62 says:

    Well, at least the Ice Cream was good. Ice Cream and Blackberries – the answer to everything. Well, at least Benji and I think so…

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