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it’s not easy to write a story to this photo, normally such a price makes us speechless…and this is the price for a liter what is ~a quarter of a gallon…. it makes it difficult, specially  for the peeps of rural france, who drive to town once or twice per week and who can not lure for a bargain-moment at the gas station…if they still exist… at least the nice woman of the gas station has free chocolates for her customers and chocolate makes efurrything better, right? So we decided to stay in and around our kraal and looked for some interesting things there…

…the streets currently are covered with sweet chestnuts… that sucks, it’s like walking on needles…

…although  roasted that brown thingies are super tasty…

…. butt they are small this year and not easy to peel….

…. and look at this guy … he was so tiny the mama had to kneel on da street to take a photo…and because this phone is a sh*tbag, it switched to video and so…

… he he this is a french frog and he rather did a french leave  before he becomes dinner….

…. even when we didn’t drive  much, we were tired  … but we hope that things will go back to normal … to walk always the same streets up and down has something from sing-sing…

… and with a rose for Rosie, we wish you a funny friday and a



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  1. edgar62 says:

    Wow that’s some price for fuel. I did the conversion and that’s $A2.84. Currently our price for fuel is around $A1.48 which is 0.96 Euro, just about half the price and we think that’s high and yes we do the fuel in liters. There is talk of the price here going up again and at one stage it did go up to $1.85 at one place but the general belief was that was just a fuel station owner ” trying it on” because it came back down fairly quickly. Personally I think they should be wearing masks and shout ” Stand and Deliver” like honest robbers.

  2. Doug Thomas says:

    When I was in the US Army (1969-1972) and stationed in West Germany, we had coupons that we used to pay for gasoline for our Chevrolet Carryall trucks and Jeeps when we went on jobs.

    I can tell you these were gas hogs and the coupons had to be filled out with our names, the date, and other details, meaning a lot of paperwork was involved in filling a gas hog tank!

    Worse of all, if you used a 10 liter coupon and only needed one liter of fuel, the station owner make a killing because there was no change involved. For that reason, the smallest coupon was for one liter.

    Toward the end of the month, all of the larger denominated coupons were used up by people on earlier jobs, so you’d get stuck with handfuls of those damn one liter coupons. You knew you’d be filling out those miserable one liter coupons till your hand cramped, bled or you talked one of the other people on the job (we were motion picture and still photographers) with you could be convinced you’d leave them there if they didn’t help with the one liter coupons!

    To this day, I generally am pro-metric, but back then, I wished gasoline was sold in Europe in any unit (Imperial gallon, US gallon?) but liters! I guarantee, no German filling stations gave out chocolate and a stiff shot of schnapps to those of us filling out all those stupid one liter coupons! My hand cramps just thinking about how many of those one liter coupons I had to fill out.

  3. Keep an eye on the deals at the supermarkets for petrol/diesel… Every little helps.

  4. Your prices are not so bad as ours, over two euros now. It makes people to stay at home, if possible. The city is about 45 kilometers from here and many, almost everyone, people drive there to work every day, as I did, so this price make people think that maybe it is better to be unemployed, this world is crazy.

  5. We heard earlier this week that petrol is over €2 / litre in the Netherlands. Here it’s c.£1.40. I’m afraid such prices will probably be more effective than any amount of shouting from climate campaigners when it comes to persuading folk to reduce use of fossil fuels…
    Bertie trod on some prickly chestnuts a few days ago – a rare experience here in Northern Scotland, where the climate does not (at the moment..) favour this tree species.

  6. Gas prices are high here….the world is crazy…..chocolate helps but not a whole lot since we pups and kitties can’t have it! Staying home isn’t all that bad – your Mama makes a lot of F-DESSERTS for you, and you can always rip a pillow to shreds or plunder the garbage can. Entertainment is ALL AROUND US!

    Hugs, Teddy

  7. We have dropped chestnuts along our walk too and the pods are so nasty but you’re right – the nuts are so tasty! The price of gas is just ridiculous. Something needs to be done!

  8. Sandra Hangey says:

    sorry you missed a week end drive because of high prices.. i don’t know how people who commute to work do it these days.. i have only eaten chestnuts from a can.. I did not know they could be peeled and eaten like other nuts.. glad you got some Dad Time. we walk the same streets and you are right, the same old same old gets OLD fast.. but now I just wish Beau and I could do our same old walk…

  9. My GBGV Life says:

    Mom says gas prices have been way too high for like 20 years in Europe. When she lived there it was over $5 a gallon and that was a long time ago. Many people only put in some gas and don’t fill up because they can’t afford it. Major bummer.

  10. Hey, those are crazy prices! It’s not as expensive here in the Perche!


  11. Whew our gasoline prices are soaring too, not like yours. We’ve seen as high as 3.25 a gallon. MOL BOL COL (croak out loud). I loved the action packed frog frolic and I could hear him too.
    I’ve never had a chestnut but now that I see one out of the hull I know what someone means when they say something is chestnut brown.
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Ann Adamus says:

    We’re searching auto-dealers for an old horse-and-buggy. Maybe hay is cheaper these days, ya think?

  13. Hari OM
    …and that is one of the reasons I sold Li’l Ren a couple of years back. HORRORific prices there indeed. .. and don’t even get me started on the weather… don’t even… Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  14. We’ve got high gas prices too and we don’t even get any chocolate.

    That little frog sure could hop!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Since our pawrents are retired they don’t worry much about the price of gas. They hardly leave the house with Covid now, too. That little green frog is such a cutie and he sure can jump.

  16. Lavinia Ross says:

    Gas prices are pretty high here, too. Being out in the country, it is a good 30 minutes to an hour to get anywhere.

    The chestnuts look good. I may get some to roast this year.

  17. I’m happy that I work from home, helps keep the need to fill up down. What a fun video of that froggy! Happy Friday!

  18. Brian says:

    Yikes on those fuel prices gang, that’s plenty scary just in time for Halloween!

  19. Mom and Cinnamon go to the big city for groceries on Wednesdays (as the gas at some stations is 2 cents cheaper). She paid 1.52 CAD (1.05 EUR) per litre this week and it will be going up! ButiIt will be snowing soon and Cinnamon will be stuck in the village for her excursions. We LOVE the frog! We have ones that size that live int the trees. They are hibernating already. and The Roses have been frosted. We LOVE seeing yours!

  20. Those are high prices! They are even higher than ours which work out about €1.60 equivalent per litre.

  21. Kismet says:

    The frog still has his legs!

  22. That tiny little frog sure had a gigantic hop! Have a hopping weekend. We hope the petrol price goes down. It’s been creepy up here too. I’ve been walking a lot more.

  23. lapaylor says:


  24. I hope your Friday went well and your weekend is wonderful. 🙂

  25. Marsha Gay says:

    You get free chocolates at the gas station. We might have to take a ferry acrosss the ocean to take advantage of their generosity.

  26. What a cute hippity hoppity frog your Mama found!!
    Thanks for my beautimus Rosy Rose!
    Rosy and the Gang
    PeeEss…Mama tries not to think about how much gas/petrol prices have risen here in California too!!

  27. That froggy sure is green!! Our green ones are not that brightly coloured. II think all our toads and fro=gs have buried themselves deep into the mud cause we neither see or hear them any more, and there are plenty of ponds and swamps around us.

    Gas prices are more than ridiculous…where I work, we get a monthly gas bonus…a measly $5 for me cause I am part time; full timers get $10. Sheesh, last I filled up my tank up it was over $50. It will make us bankrupt! Don’t order a lockdown, just up the gas price so everyone will not go anywhere they don’t need to! Phooey! Or as you would say…F***!!!

  28. Free choccie fore cutomerss?? That is a sweet deel…but THE gas price iss NOT so sweet!! Our price here iss $1.46-$1.48 purr litre….iss ridiculuss….all tho; yore price iss astro-nommycal!!!!
    An it was grate to see Hoppy Hopper video…sumtimess a boo-boo iss a guud thing Aunty Katty 😉
    An wee love THE yellow rose for Rosie……Happy Halloweeny to all of youss’!
    ***nose rubss*** an **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita

  29. Chaplin: “Ooh! A frog! It’s too bad Dennis’s old friend Norwood isn’t here to eat it!”
    Lulu: “Don’t you mean ‘see’ it?”
    Chaplin: “I said what I said.”

  30. What an adorable little frog. Most of the chestnut trees in the U.S. were wiped out several years ago by a blight. There are new ones starting to grow, but of course it will take many years.

  31. that froggie is so green, cute.

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