…guess what? Da Phenny turns three todaaaaaaaay!


…and look what came over da big pond from da SS-GANG…

…a cake mix and ice cream mix and  oven baked treats!

…and two elephants!!!!

…and something  for the Owlando ….

So many thanks Gamber and Crew!!!

…and many thanks to Pipo, Dalton & Benjoy & Petcretary

….the mama sadly failed with da birthday cake, butt the ice cream looks not bad…

…she had to add only warm water, that’s something even the mama can do…

….. and there were gifts in da morning and we acted like da wild boars….

…. we hope da Phenny will love his gifts and da fabulous food and he will enjoy it to be 3….


About easyweimaraner

Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009, male & fabulous From: Britanny / France Likes: Plushtoy-Shredding, Spikebones,long distance Walks, everyday a Gift, Chicken, Shoes, Underwear, my squeekie Pig & my whole Life Dislikes: Water, Cats, Beaf, Cats, cleaning my Ears, Cats, the Vet, Cats, Snow & CATS! Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree i become to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually i'm not sure... Status: Single Pets: Hell, NO! i prefer a petfree home. but owner of two slaves for my comfy Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed, Master of Beggin, Prince of Thiefs We decided to leave Easy's datas as they were... although we lost him in november 2016, he is still with us.... and his little brothers Phenny and Nelly promised to write on not as Easy the weim, but as easy Weimaraner... About us: Mr. Phoenix, born 9/9/2016 a virgo and always clever&smart...Neilson, born 7/28/2017 a leo who thinks he is clever&smart...

54 responses »

  1. Edie Chase says:

    Happy Birthday Da Phenny!!! I see that that you had some fun, even if the Mama made a mess of your cake. ☺

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! Looks like everyone was spoiled rotten 😀

  3. Happy Birthday dear boy!!!! THREE? You’re THREEEEEE? So am I? We should have a “THREE’s COMPANY” club. What great presents you got – was the ice cream as good as Ben and Jerry’s? Are your elephants now “snow” all over the house?

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. drradha says:

    Happiest bday phenny. Hope U hve many more
    Such joyous ones! God bless!

  5. Photofinland says:

    Happy Birthday to you you, dear doggie boy da Phenny!
    Kitty kisses to your soft ears,
    Kosmo and his mom.

  6. Happy Birthday, da Phenny! With so many well wishers this year will be a wonderful one!

  7. Charles Huss says:

    Those were very nice gifts. Happy Birthday, Phenny.

  8. Great Birthday haul Dude! I know it was a totally fabulous day….hope you shared with everypawdy…..❤️❤️

  9. My GBGV Life says:

    Happy Birthday! Nothing better than lots of good presents! Hope you don’t destroy everything right away.

  10. Happy 3rd Da Phenny…you struck gold on this your 3rd bday!!!
    I love how Da Nelly is so helpful too
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Happy birthday Da Phenny 🎉🎂🍰🎁 I how you enjoyed your day 😊

  12. niasunset says:

    Happy Birthday da Phenny! 🎉🎂🍰🎁 we all love you so much , Thank you, Love, nia

  13. Hari OM
    YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY Happy Barkday Da Phenny!!! Many there be 87 more. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  14. Brian says:

    Awwww, Happy Birthday from all of us Da Phenny!!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Phenny! You got awesome pressies and your cake and ice cream sure looks yummy to me!

  16. Real party animals! Happy Birthday Da Phenny!!!! May you have birthdays many.

  17. Happy THREE Phenny! It looks like a Weim riot of fun!

  18. Happy birthday Da Phenny! You are a good boy for sharing your gifts with Nelly. I bet the mama had a big mess to clean up but it was a good mess! I missed her signature on your cake! 🙂

  19. lapaylor says:

    Happy birthday you good boy! make life a party!

  20. Happy Happy Birthday da Phenny!! What nice gifts and wonderful friends you have!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎂🎁🎈🎈

  21. Happy Birthday Phenny! You sure got lots of great pressies and it was nice of you to share with Nelly too.

  22. Kismet says:

    Was the cardboard tasty?

  23. Pawkisses for a Happy Birthday, Phenny and it looks like you have a wonderful day with all the Fetch sharing with Nelly…so adorable. Maybe the cake doesn’t look like it has to, but I think it’s delicious anyway. Extra three Pawkisses for the occassion🎉🎉🎉🐾😽💞

  24. Happy Birthday Phenny!
    Looks like you scored big today.
    Gail says I was beginning to act quite sensibly by the time I was three years old…
    Toodle pip!

  25. Happy Barkday Phenny!!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  26. Wow…A creamer for dogs! Happy 3rd birthday PHENNY.

  27. Happy Birthday Phenny, looks like you got all the goods. Sorry the cake was a flop or *uck flop. Did your momma try the ice cream?

  28. franhunne4u says:

    Oops, I nearly missed the birthday … all the best, Phenny!

  29. Bella, Roxy and says:

    Looks like a fabulous party and we think the pupcakes probably tasted great even if they didn’t look like the picture on the packet!!!

  30. HURRAH fore PHENNY!! Yore 3 yeerss old mee frend…iss a grate time to bee alive!! Pawty on mee frend an enjoy all THE treetss an toyss!!!!
    “Happy Birfday to you, Happy Birfday to you, Happy Birfday sweet boy Phenny, Happy Birfday to you… many more…..”
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

  31. Happy Happy Barkday Phenny! Hoping you are having a pawesome day! xoxo

  32. Cupcake says:

    Happy Birthday, P. Three looks great on you. Luckily, cake is delicious no matter how screwed up it is. Enjoy your special day! xoxo

    Love and licks,

  33. Jan K says:

    Happy Birthday, Da Phenny!! It looks like you were suitably spoiled and were even nice enough to share with your brother!! ♥

  34. Happy Birthday Da Phenny!! What a pawsome party you had.

    The Florida Furkids

  35. edgar62 says:

    Happy Birthday Da Phenny. Hope you had a great day – with lots of treats to share…

  36. It looks like a fabulous birthday, Da Phenny!


  37. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    Happy birthday Da Phenny! It looks like you had a great day.

  38. The OP Pack says:

    Looks like a great day to be turning THREE!!! Happy Birthday, da Phenny!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  39. Looks like your birthday was full of all the stuff you love. HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, Da Phenny, and wishes for many, many more. Xox Lucy and Xena

  40. Lavinia Ross says:

    Happy Birthday, Phenny, from all of us here! 🙂

  41. Oooooooo! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY DA PHENNY!!!!! Holy cow patties ~ has it been that long already??! Wowsa! Wells, it sure looks like you boyz took care of those pressies! BOL! That was super duper sweet of your pals!
    I see your Moms cookin’ skills are on par with Ma’s! As long as it tastes good, rights?!
    Ruby ♥

  42. Zoolatry says:

    Ooops. I is a bad dog. Sorry. I missed the BIG THREE. Happy One Two Three da Phenny.
    Dougie Dog
    (it was at the bottom of the human’s in box, she is a lame human)

  43. Da Phenny and I share a special day. Two Virgos, but I’m the ancient one. Hope your day was a wagnificent as you are. 🥰

  44. Happy birthday Phenny! I was hoping The Mama would bake you one of her specially decorated cakes…

  45. Lee and Phod says:

    Looks like you had a pawsome day!

  46. Idaho PugRanch says:

    Oh what a wonderful birthday you had Da Phenny!!!
    Mabel & Hilda

  47. M. K. Clinton says:

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear DA PHENNY…happy birthday to you and many, many more. We love you, dude!

  48. The Swiss Cats says:

    Happy Birthday Phenny ! We’re glad you had a wonderful celebration ! Purrs

  49. Lulu: “Happy belated big oh three Phenny!”
    Charlee: “Many happy returns!”
    Chaplin: “Looks like you really raked in the loot!”

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