to a new round of Angel Sammys and Teddy’s Pawetaton in pigtures…

…not bad what the ginger boys found this week, right?

Oooooh to live on Sugar Mountain

and to look down on da motorized fountain.

What splashes  around there to and fro

mostly with a stop and go.

And much of them drive many laps

mostly they are yellow cabs,

to find a parking lot somewhere in da town

where you not look at a ticket with frown.

And all da passengers in that cabs

maybe think who knows perhaps

I’m faster at my destination

with using my feet butt no motorization.

…and we leave you with our national heroine vanessa, who was one of that passengers too, till Joe le Taxi brought her to a moron who dumped her… we hate ya for that Johnny!



About easyweimaraner

Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009, male & fabulous From: Britanny / France Likes: Plushtoy-Shredding, Spikebones,long distance Walks, everyday a Gift, Chicken, Shoes, Underwear, my squeekie Pig & my whole Life Dislikes: Water, Cats, Beaf, Cats, cleaning my Ears, Cats, the Vet, Cats, Snow & CATS! Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree i become to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually i'm not sure... Status: Single Pets: Hell, NO! i prefer a petfree home. but owner of two slaves for my comfy Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed, Master of Beggin, Prince of Thiefs We decided to leave Easy's datas as they were... although we lost him in november 2016, he is still with us.... and his little brothers Phenny and Nelly promised to write on not as Easy the weim, but as easy Weimaraner... About us: Mr. Phoenix, born 9/9/2016 a virgo and always clever&smart...Neilson, born 7/28/2017 a leo who thinks he is clever&smart...

24 responses »

  1. Joe le Taxi has blocked the video in my country. Or maybe it’s a ploy by the estate of Harry Chapin…

  2. Wow, that photo makes me feel DIZZY!
    Luffs your poem, you fellas are VERY talented
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Darn! We’re not able to see the video because like Evil Squirrel said, it’s blocked in the USA. I bet it’s funny though…..tee hee. Great job on the poem this week – it’s a freaky photo probably taken by a bird! My Mom would prefer being a bird to being a taxi driver that’s for sure. HAPPY THURSDAY!

    Love, Teddy

  4. My GBGV Life says:

    That is a scary view from so far up in the air! Don’t fall or you will end up on a TV mystery.

  5. cecilia says:

    WTG Da Twinies! You two did fab. I was kinda dizzy when I wrote mine or maybe I was ditzy. LOL hugs cevilia

  6. Hari Om
    OMD I had to speed past hump..errr… prompt cuz da verit I go kicked in!!! hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Yikes! Mom and I definitely do NOT do heights. They are too scary!

  8. Brian Frum says:

    That is some scary way to high place…like a drone!

  9. What a perfect poem for that picture. We bet it is quicker to walk than take a cab when the streets are so crowded.

  10. Kismet says:

    Mademoiselle est très jolie mais son vocabulaire est limité.

  11. We had no trouble with the video, don’t know why others in the US did. Cute song. And interesting take on that “bird’s eye view” that was also very dizzying to me.

  12. Grate poe-em Phenny an Neilson! Mee rotw a funny one at Teddy an angel Sammy’ss. Hope it iss ree-viewed an posted soon….
    Sumtimess writin poe-emss iss easy an sum timess not so much, MOL!!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  13. jank1961 says:

    The feet definitely seem like a better mode of transportation in the city! That photo makes us dizzy too!

  14. What a wonderful poem…that must be a very tall mountain!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  15. Deziz World says:

    Great poem as always. we’d luv to join ya’ on sugar mountain. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  16. The OP Pack says:

    We think we will let you watch that fountain from way up there on Sugar Mountain – it is too scary for us. Mom says it makes her dizzy just to look at the photo, never mind be way up on top for real:)

    BUT it was a super duper poem.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. OMD……good thing I didn’t eats my dinner yet or I be tossin’ my cookies after lookin’ at dat picture. WHEW!


  18. KB says:

    Oh my goodness, I have fear of heights. That photo made me almost fall over. I love “Sugar Mountain” but not the gridlock! You all are such talented poets!

  19. Idaho PugRanch says:

    That picture makes us feel very woozy. too too high up for us but we liked your poem
    Hazel & Mabel

  20. I love Sugar Mountain but not traffic like that! Brilliant poetry.

  21. Marsha Gay says:

    Once again you have outdone yourself. You’ve got the Superman view

  22. That was the bestest!!! What a mess down there!!

  23. I didn’t think I was afraid of heights but this picture did it for me. Great words for the poem for the picture!

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