ding dong! da post(wo)man came to our crib!

and look what we got:

… a crock pot!!!

…we opened that box immediately da weim way…

…and we also ate da instruction sheet… that is the fastest way to internalize all that stuff, so you haven’t to read all that boring stories in 87 languages apart from yours… and what will we do furst with da brandnew crock pot from amazon?

pulled pork with coleslaw what else!… you need: a piece of pork shoulder aka a pork butt , bbq rub, an onion, 1 can dr. pepper, pepper&salt, bbq sauce, carrots, a cabbage head and the ingredients for da cole slaw you like the most …

so we used a bbq rub and together with the dirt from our paws …

…the pork butt got a fab embalming the evening before  …

…and da neggst day we threw it in a pan to sear it before..

we threw it in da bbq-sauce-onion-dr.pepper mix we prepared in our crock pot…

…and then we forgot it on the kitchen counter for 6 hours…where it simmered around…

…within that 6 hours we prepared our coleslaw and we also made  some swedish glaced pawtatoes, so the mama can eat something too…

… after the 6 hours the meat fell apart like a dandelion in da wind… it was pawfect and egg-sactly how it should be…soft, spicy and not dry…

…and together with da pawtatoes, buns,  da coleslaw and a dip for da pawtatoes it was a fest for all meatloafers  and meatloaferettes…

… we  separated the sauce and the meat this time for getting better photos, but you sure can mix da meat and da sauce  before you eat it…

we used da Russel Hobbs Crock Pot from amazon  we bought with our own moneeh for our pulled pork. It holds 3.5 liters and that is more than enough for 4 or 5 peeps . Da crock pot is easy to use and easy to clean, you have no hard smells in your crib and while da pot works, you can waste your time with much more interesting things, like eating chocolate or shopping online… that is mighty fine! We give da crock pot 8 paws and two wild wagging tails, also for the fantabulous price and the fast delivery. That CROCK POT is a ROCK POT!  So if you will give it a try this pot is da pawfect beginners model for all who want to get healthy and tasty meals without much effort…

…. and  the reason why da Nelly was pooped out anyway after da lazy cooking day is simple: we got a lot of meat too and da Nelly has no stop button included, because he is a lion and no smart virgo…

… but hey.. suddenly I’m tired too… maybe my stop button was somehow  out of order today too ….






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Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009, male & fabulous From: Britanny / France Likes: Plushtoy-Shredding, Spikebones,long distance Walks, everyday a Gift, Chicken, Shoes, Underwear, my squeekie Pig & my whole Life Dislikes: Water, Cats, Beaf, Cats, cleaning my Ears, Cats, the Vet, Cats, Snow & CATS! Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree i become to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually i'm not sure... Status: Single Pets: Hell, NO! i prefer a petfree home. but owner of two slaves for my comfy Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed, Master of Beggin, Prince of Thiefs We decided to leave Easy's datas as they were... although we lost him in november 2016, he is still with us.... and his little brothers Phenny and Nelly promised to write on not as Easy the weim, but as easy Weimaraner... About us: Mr. Phoenix, born 9/9/2016 a virgo and always clever&smart...Neilson, born 7/28/2017 a leo who thinks he is clever&smart...

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  1. Crock pots are great. It is very hard to burn anything in them, but don’t be fooled, my mother still managed to burn a stew in one. Benign neglect cooking is still achievable using a crock pot.

  2. lifecameos says:

    What an interesting cooking session !

  3. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    That came out looking really good! I have been thinking of getting a crock pot and was looking at the RH brand. You have decided for me that is the one I will go for!

  4. weggieboy says:

    I love using a crockpot for things like roasts or homemade soups. Of course, it is easy to make so much in one that you have to freeze part of it or eat the same thing for a week!

    Whoever came up with the idea deserves a big hug because it is a perfect home tool for fixing meals when you need to be gone on chores for the day but want a nice meal when you get home.

    As for your first crockpot meal, a perfect choice!

  5. Emmadog says:

    Yummy! Pulled pork from the crockpot is always a winner!

  6. Hari Om
    okay… now I want to see da mama pawpare a veg biryani in that magic pot!!! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  7. De Overlook Twinies…I have been using crock pots since the mid 1970’s I love them especially when I was working. Easy…..Peasy supper.
    I currently have 2 and when one dies I head over the B B and Beyond for a replacement.
    Your mom prepared a delicious looking supper. Here in the south we are pulled pork fans.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Brian Frum says:

    My Dad says he uses a crock pot but I think that’s a crock!

  9. Oh, things smell SO good while Mr. Crock Pot is working!

  10. We adore making pulled pork in our crock pot! One of our latest faves is butter chicken on the New York Times cooking site. Sadly they don’t seem to like sharing but here’s the business:
    3 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 medium yellow onion, diced
    3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
    3 tablespoons grated ginger
    1 tablespoon garam masala
    1 6-ounce can tomato paste
    ¾ teaspoon kosher salt
    3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breasts, cut into 2-inch pieces
    1 teaspoon lime zest
    1 tablespoon lime juice
    1 cup coconut milk (if necessary, whisk to combine the liquid and solids before measuring)
    ½ cup chicken stock
    ¼ cup cilantro leaves, for garnish (optional)
    Cooked basmati or jasmine rice, for serving
    In medium skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onions to skillet, and cook until softened, about 3 minutes. Reduce heat to medium, add garlic and ginger, and cook another 2 minutes. Add garam masala, tomato paste and salt; cook and stir 2 minutes.
    Place chicken pieces in a slow cooker, then add tomato paste mixture, lime zest and juice, coconut milk and chicken stock. Stir everything together, cover and cook on low heat setting for 4 1/2 to 5 hours, until the chicken is cooked through. (You may let it cook up to 7 hours if necessary, but the chicken may be very soft and shred.) Garnish with cilantro and serve with basmati or jasmine rice, and naan if you have some.

    Sorry to go on if you don’t fancy it but it is the most wonderful dish!

  11. Crock pots rule! We are having folks over for our 10th anniversary this month, and I am making a pulled pork roast in one (for those who can’t eat beef) and a pulled beef roast in the other (for those who can’t eat pork). And slaw and potato salad. Mmmmm.

  12. Kismet says:

    No crockpots here, just crackpots.

  13. Phenny! Neilson! You solved thee misty-ery of why yore Mummy cannot cooks guud sumtimess….shee needed a crockpot fore her ‘crock’…shee gotss her ‘crock on’ an made a yummy lookin an taste sup-purr! Wee are so-o happy fore all of you.
    An Aunty Katty wee ❤ you weather you can cook or not!
    ***paw patsss*** BellaDharma an {{hugsss}} LadyMummy

  14. Looks like an easy way to prepare such ‘fur-bulous’ recipes for both meat and vegetable lovers! Well done Virgo and non-Virgo Weims!

  15. M. K. Clinton says:

    We are drooling here in Texas! The potatoes look so pretty too. This definitely makes up for the red velvet cake! Bahaha!

  16. Our mom loves her crock pot too. We love sniffing all those cooking smells while it it cooking for hours. You finally had a successful cooking adventure. Let’s hope that continues with your next recipe.

  17. Excellent post Phenny, Nellie and Katty. The crack pot looks great. The meal delish. We haven’t done ours up though. How were the carrots and cabbage in with the meat or did you cook them seperately?


  18. Yummmmmmmmmm! What SuperWise investment with winter on the way! I bet your crib smells fabulous after that tasty meal!

  19. edgar62 says:

    My mum has one but she hardly ever uses it. There is only her and dad so it seems just a bit much for two people and me- or so she says. Still your food looked really good.

  20. OMD…That looks delicious!!!
    Jakey & Arty

  21. Anonymous says:

    We have a crock pot that has some heavy use during the winter!

  22. Cupcake says:

    From the look of those delicious foods, no stop button would be able to function! The crock pot meat and all the fixins look AMAZING! Soon, I will come and live at your house.

    Love and licks,

  23. LP says:

    That looks delicious!
    Our human has a crockpot and used to use it quite a bit but then she lost interest as is the case with most of her cooking endeavours. ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  24. The OP Pack says:

    We have a crockpot here too, and Mom has a couple of recipes that turn out great. Dad loves her beef stew made with a can of soda. The meat is so tender and tasty. Your pork dinner looks amazing. Enjoy that crock pot.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  25. Oh boy, oh boy is that ALL for you guys!

  26. Marv says:

    hey! We had pulled pork from the crock pot last week! Mom said it was too sweet, she will not use Honey BBQ sauce next time. I LOVE it but Ninja turned his nose up…we both slept after!

  27. Crock pots are a wonderfur tool to have at hand. We have a huge one, and we can cook a small turkey in there…but, um…well we have not done that, BOL!
    You said that your Mama made those potatoes so she could have something to eat too. Does she not like pulled pork? its OK not to care for it, you know, petcretary hates it, BOL! And BBQ sauce is high on the do not like list for here too…she is not compatible with the menfolk here who love all that stuff:)

    We sometimes bake things in our large pot, by putting a smaller one insideof it on a trivet. And in our smaller one she would put a jar on a trivet, filled with pawppy’s breakfast porridge. Made with whole grains, and in the morning it was tender and yummy!

  28. Idaho PugRanch says:

    Bravo for successful dinner in the crock pot!!!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  29. Oh boy! The crock pot makes some tasty food.

  30. Oh Yeah!! We are super big fans of the crock-pot!! Especially in Autumn-Winter. We just throw that pork butt and the veggies in there with some spices and a can of BEER. Turn it on low heat and come back 6-7 hours later. Nom Nom Nom and plenty of leftovers for the week!

  31. YUMMERS!!! That looks FABulous! Good work boyz! I thinks I can smell the tasty meats from here!
    Ruby ♥

  32. lapaylorl says:

    yum!! looks good enough to eat and probably smelled good all day
    two tired dogs from all that eating!

  33. My Mom always calls them crotch pots. They are nice, but apparently the new trend in home cooking is air fryers. I’m not sure what fried air tastes like…

  34. Deziz World says:

    MeOW boys, that looked tasty. What were those golden worm lookin’ things? Enjoy leftovers. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  35. A nice nap with your bellies full that’s the live!!!

  36. YUMMY IN THE TUMMY! My Mom uses her crockpot ALL THE TIME and loves it. It’s nice to dump a lotta food in the pot and forget about it ALL DAY…..then come home to a great meal. Here’s another really yummy recipe – one big roast – one bottle of red wine – crushed garlic cloves – took in crockpot all day and WOW. Super easy and amazing all rolled into one. The alcohol cooks off (at least that’s what Mom says) and just the flavor is left.

    Happy cooking!
    Love, Teddy

  37. Jan K says:

    That looked yummy, no wonder you boys couldn’t stop! We LOVE our crock pot too!

  38. hello phenny and nelly its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that crock pot luks almost eksaktly the saym as owr crock pot eksept it has got a diffrent naym on it!!! maybe it is like a first cuzzin or sumthing!!! hay owr crockpot is kurrently mayking italyan sawsadj soop rite now as we speek but wil i git enny of it??? probly not!!! krool krool dada duz not shayr!!! ok bye

  39. We love to cook with our crock pot when we have a get together here at the office. Your food came out so delicious looking. Love the after photos of a long day of cooking. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.

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