guess what? we still have this awful weather… freezing rain, wind and siberian temperatures…

butt fortunately Princess Leah sent some weapons at Christmouse  to beat that Jack Frost… like fabulous Tea…

Rudolph cookies….

…and a big turkey …. naah that’s not Big Berd… he has his turn later… and let’s say it’s his last one….

…butt furst give Da Phenny  that berd, because I’m hungry…

…and NO! NEVER ever think about to bake another cheese cake for that tasty tea….it is good without any charcoaled groceries… just saying…



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  1. Its way cold here too,and snowy…which is better than freezing rain. Did that burd gobble when you grabbed it??
    Maybe some of that tea will help the peeps’ bellies…

  2. Hari OM
    Well I never, I got the gift of some fancy tea at Christmas time too! Nothing beats a good cuppa on a wintry day – mainly to wrap the frostbitten fingers around!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That burd you got is WAY COOL – have you already unstuffed it? I’m sure it was delicious – certainly way more delicious than the leather cheesecake your Mama made which has caused some tummy issues. I do think your Mama should back away from any further cheesecake recipes…..don’t you???

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Mom says that the turkey stuffing is the best part of the Thanksgiving dindin. Are you gonna find out, Phenny?! The Rudolph cookies will go nicely for dessert☺

  5. We’re going through a big love in with tea at the moment. Favourite has got to be teaolat — cocoa beans with various wonderful additions by Hotel Chocolate! We highly recommend not having tea with cheesecake 😀

  6. Emmadog says:

    That stuffed turkey toy is pretty funny. Is it still in one piece?

  7. As we Brits know, to ease all difficulties in life, nothing works better than a nice cup of tea.

  8. Christine says:

    It’s hard to hibernate when you prefer being outside digging

  9. cecilia07 says:

    Da Phenny
    Princess Leah is most thoughtful and considerate. AND a good shopper. She covered all the bases for how to survive cabin fever and there is always dancing should you need to work of some WEIMIE energy
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. That was a pressie for everyone. We hope you pulled all the stuffing out of that turkey.

  11. We have the same weather, Phenny, but I see turkeys make everything better…MOL 😀 Very thoughtful of your furriend to give you a purrezzie! Pawkisses for an easy Wednesday 🙂 ❤

  12. Kismet says:

    That cheesecake was a gift that kept on giving.

  13. saymber says:

    Stay warm – we have the Artic here too. The tea looks like it would be fun to open and try! Hugs!

  14. That’s a pretty good way to spend a chilly day, tea and turkey!!

  15. The OP Pack says:

    We have Siberian temps here and we are loving it. Mom says she doesn’t know how we can stay outside for so long and look like we are really enjoying it. Those sure were some nice pressies from Leah – has the turkey stuffing been sampled yet?

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. Bentley and Pierre were very confused over the snow and ice. They had a great time playing in it but then came back inside and snuggled in their blankets.

  17. Amy says:

    Phenny, in the picture with the Rudolph cookies, you look like a tall weiner dog! You have the same weather as us here in southern TN. Brrrrr.

  18. Jan K says:

    That is all perfect for a cold Siberian day! Hope your eyelashes don’t freeze like we saw on the news!

  19. Mrs P says:

    Love your turkey ~ Moo happened to mention the best thing about a Sunday roast is the Chicken Bum Stuffing ….

  20. Dolly the Doxie says:

    Oh yummy I’d love to rip that bird to pieces with you! Love Dolly

  21. Yummy ! You’re ready to face that awful weather ! Purrs

  22. Good to have something to play with (destroy) when you can’t get outside to play.

    Love and licks,

  23. Lee and Phod says:

    Those are great gifts from princess Leah!

  24. Idaho PugRanch says:

    Our mom has been drinking some tea too. That turkey looks like he needs to be destuffed
    Hazel & Mabel

  25. Memories of Eric and Flynn says:

    Those are lovely gifts from Princess Leah.

  26. dorysbackyard says:

    That looks like the best way to hibernate!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  27. Deziz World says:

    Oh Phenny, we still have the colds too. We don’t like it at all. Ya’ll stay warm and cozy. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  28. Marv says:

    Oh Phenny! I am sorry you guys are cold…When it is cold, my Mommy likes tea, so your peoples is pretty lucky that Princess Leah sent some to you and Phenny, that turkey looks wonderful as does the cookie!

  29. Anarette says:

    Siberian temps, what’s up with da world da Phenny? Hot tea sounds good. I’m in front of the fireplace right now and my plan is to stay there until shell freezes over. Benji

  30. We are having the nasty weather here, too! But the cookies look good and I know you showed that bird who’s boss!

  31. What super Christmas gifts, Princess Leah sure went overboard. I love that turkey. It is meant for you Phenny.


  32. Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song says:

    We prefer the real birds too but that one seems serviceable

  33. JoAnn Stancer says:

    That’s a pretty cool turkey, did it taste good?

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