to a new letter of Angel Sammy’s and Teddy’s PAW-E-THATHON. Today we have the letter N and the prompts are: NAUGHTY(what else huh) NICE, NEW & NORMAL… and here we go…

If orange is the NEW black, I have an advice
be eggs-tremely NAUGHTY that is the NEW NICE.
To be special and weird that is the clou…
and I bet that boring  Mr. NORMAL comes not to you…



About easyweimaraner

Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009, male & fabulous From: Britanny / France Likes: Plushtoy-Shredding, Spikebones,long distance Walks, everyday a Gift, Chicken, Shoes, Underwear, my squeekie Pig & my whole Life Dislikes: Water, Cats, Beaf, Cats, cleaning my Ears, Cats, the Vet, Cats, Snow & CATS! Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree i become to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually i'm not sure... Status: Single Pets: Hell, NO! i prefer a petfree home. but owner of two slaves for my comfy Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed, Master of Beggin, Prince of Thiefs We decided to leave Easy's datas as they were... although we lost him in november 2016, he is still with us.... and his little brother Phenny promised to write on not as Easy the weim, but as an easy Weimaraner... About me: Phenny, born 9/9/2016 a virgo and always fabulous....

34 responses »

  1. Bella, Roxy and Dui says:

    Yeah…..we think being naughty is nice, too.

  2. What’s NORMAL? Angel Sammy warned me that normal was not in my parents’ vocabulary and he was right. But I like living on the edge……every day is an adventure right Phenny? I absolutely love your Dad’s hat – I think your Mom should have one too!

    Love, Teddy

  3. Hari OM
    BOL…. great giggle for a dull morning. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Ha ha! This letter was made for you Phenny 😀

  5. Emmadog says:

    Looks like you kissed an elephant and liked it!

  6. Lee and Phod says:

    As Lady always says – what is normal?

  7. Madi and MOm says:

    Ohhhh orange is the new black that makes mom happy ’cause she loves orange but it doesn’t look very good on her but she does look okey dokey in black
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  8. You have an elefant, oh cats, that is a great pet.

  9. CarolMaeWY says:

    We love your poem Phenny. Oh and we want the elephant! Where can we get one?

  10. Kismet says:

    Kissing a skinny elephant is perverted.

  11. dayphoto says:

    I would call that FUN!!!

  12. OMD – I just love that last picture, Phenny! Kisses from your dad (even with the strange elephant hat) are the bestest! You always come up with great poems!

  13. Excellent job and we hope naughty really is the new nice!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko says:

    Yes! You are the best, Phenny! Naughty, Nice and Normal…all in one package; and still kind of new at one year old!

    I had a good giggle at the elephant man you were kissing, does he waer that when you use the elephant skate to go traveling? BOL!

  15. Brian says:

    Being naughty is fun, at least until Santa starts making his list Phenny!

  16. Fun and crazy sounds like the new normal ! Purrs

  17. stella rose says:

    We love that hat! stella rose

  18. Idaho PugRanch says:

    Another great poem Phenny! that elephant hat cracks us up!
    Hazel & Mabel

  19. Cupcake says:

    Perfect words for a perfect poem, P. Well done. Normal should never be a concern for you…. Just saying.

    Love and licks,

  20. dorysbackyard says:

    We love it…Naughty is definitely the new nice!!!
    Jakey & Arty

  21. haha…I like that…very naughty is the new nice! I must try and live by this statement. Your dad is impersonating an elephant these days? That would be interesting. Hey mom, why don’t you become a lion so we can learn how to roar? mol


  22. The OP Pack says:

    BOL – we always know that we will find not so NORMAL when we visit here:) Your poem is great!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  23. That is a great poem. We love the way you are giving your dad a kiss…or were you trying to steal that stuffie elephant from his head?

  24. DailyMusings says:

    love that capture with Phenny’s ears up!!

  25. Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song says:

    We love your Dad’s hat. Who needs normal

  26. M. K. Clinton says:

    Normal is sooooo overrated!! We like naughty being the new nice.

  27. Jan K says:

    You and your Dad are both silly boys, Phenny, and that is a good thing! There is no fun in normal!

  28. Normal is way overrated, Phenny with pawrents like yours. 😇 You lucky dog!

  29. hello phenny its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow yoo hav got yore verry own olifaunt??? i want an olifaunt too!!! i never thawt they wood fit in the howse but now i see that they can!!! ok bye

  30. Deziz World says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaw There’s a gawjus Phenny gettin’ some special luvvin’ from his handsum daddy. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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