Yesterday wasn’t a good day…

In the morning the visiting nurse came to remove the darned catheter from my dad. Although she was super careful, my dad had to bear some hard pains. In the middle of that process the nurse asked for a bowl and my mom grabbed the first salad bowl from the cupboard without knowing for what the nurse will use it. Ok, that means no salad in this house till we have a new bowl, butt that’s a collateral damage…. because it came worse…


Because dad’s sprinkler system is still out of order. He went to the hospital at noon and there they immediately had to remove the accrued urine… and then he got a new catheter. But that’s not all. The dogtor told him that the surgery brought not the result they expected  and the meds he got didn’t work. That’s not a good sign and so he has to go back to the hospital on monday for another surgery.


We are devastated. We had so much hope that we can close this bad chapter yesterday, butt it wasn’t meant to be.  WHAT THE FU…nghi-mushroom!

Aside from that my paw is still swollen, because I’m an idiot I chased a dove yesterday and I still need support with a towel for some things. Many thanks to the Woo’s for the tip!  The darned dew claw is still inflamed too.  I’ve read in your comments that it is possible to remove that claws, butt guess what? That’s probably not allowed here and in most european countries. There is a law from 2004 what prohibits the amputation of claws and no one knows if that count’s for the dew claws too or not. Like always if you ask google , you will get more different answers than Imelda Marcos had shoes in her crib…. and if you are dangerously rash like my ole momma,  you can try your luck in a dog-forum, where they call you a “fascist” just for the question… Honestly with all the sorrows and the grief about the sad news we learnt yesterday, my mom laughed out loud as she read what the Troll of the day wrote… Some people shouldn’t use loanwords when they have no clue about the meaning…. and we would like to use some  “fasces” to blow up this Troll…


Yesterday wasn’t a good day,  butt we try to carry on, even when all our hope was in vain and even with a heavy heart. I send big hugs to Sasha, who lost her beloved daddy, to the family of the three little pugs who still search for answers, I hope so much that the children hospital has some news for you and may it be really good news. I also send a hug to Sammy, who waits for the result of his bloodwork, I hope they read no bad things in your blood, buddy and I also send a special hug to Bev with the best wishes for her eyes and  all my best wishes to Fern, who has to deal with the bad aftereffects from a fall. And I send a hug to all who have to deal with sickness and sorrows and I hope so much that all dark clouds over Blogville will disappear…


Have a good friday and a good weekend…


About easyweimaraner

Weimaraner /Braque de Weimar, born in 2009, male & fabulous From: Britanny / France Likes: Plushtoy-Shredding, Spikebones,long distance Walks, everyday a Gift, Chicken, Shoes, Underwear, my squeekie Pig & my whole Life Dislikes: Water, Cats, Beaf, Cats, cleaning my Ears, Cats, the Vet, Cats, Snow & CATS! Profession: Student of psychological War-technics & Terrorism, after my Masterdegree i become to rule the world or maybe to be the owner of toys r us. actually i'm not sure... Status: Single Pets: Hell, NO! i prefer a petfree home. but owner of two slaves for my comfy Misc.: Greencardowner for Masterbed, Master of Beggin, Prince of Thiefs We decided to leave Easy's datas as they were... although we lost him in november 2016, he is still with us.... and his little brothers Phenny and Nelly promised to write on not as Easy the weim, but as easy Weimaraner... About us: Mr. Phoenix, born 9/9/2016 a virgo and always clever&smart...Neilson, born 7/28/2017 a leo who thinks he is clever&smart...

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  1. Easy you are a lovely, lovely guy, thinking of others with all your troubles.
    We’re sending lots of loves and hugs to you Mum and Dad, hope the surgery goes well for your Dad and hugs to Mum ‘cos she’s got so much on her plate. Lots of healing licky kisses to you Easy to make your poorly paw all betters.
    Take care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Crikey Easy ….. I’m so sorry, mate!! That’s not good , aye?? I was thinking your Dad AND YOU were going to be ok but now it’s all up in the air again. Our prayers are with you mate and all those dear people in Blogville also having a rough trot. Hopefully there’s better days ahead, aye?? You look sooooooooo sad in those pics!!

  3. Oh Easy, we are so very very sorry to hear that your Dad has to go in for another op. You Ma most certainly doesn’t need internet trolls blighting her life either. I do believe that your vet would be the best person to ask about removing dewclaws. Think that if there’s a medical need, it can be approved. We’re sending love and hugs to you all. xxx

  4. Oh dear Easy it is not a good time for a lot of peeps and pets. We are thinking of you and praying things will be OK. Gentle hugs from us across the bathtub. Best wishes Molly.

  5. Easy, so thoughtful of you to send all those messages when it’s clear things are pretty rough in your household just now.
    Sending hugs and best wishes to all of you, especially your poor Dad.
    Toodle pip!

  6. fozziemum says:

    Sweet Easy..what a crappy day for you indeed..and we were so hoping all would be better in your crib ..I hope that when dad goes back to the hospital they can fix his problems and send him home to you and mum..and as for your dew claws i am sure with a good medical reason the dogtor would do the thing..as you know it was a repeat nasty problem for Doc and we had to have them removed…the damage he did got worse and worse and he would have been in constant pain..as for Trolls …well what do they know..they are hairy smelly and hide..thankyou for thinking of me when you have so many things of your own to worry on my friend..i am feeling really good so worry no more…and we also wish all blogville would have a break from the sadness that seems to be hanging around…maybe we need to do some special go away dance..sending all our love to you all..Fozziemum xxx ❤ ❤

  7. Aww, Easy . . . We’re so sorry to hear that you and your Dad are still ‘in the wars’. Paws and fingers crossed for your Dad’s second surgery, and for your poor paw . . .

    Love and hugs to you and your Mum, and to everyone out there who is having a bad time lately . . .

    Let’s hope for better days soon . . .

    Love, Solo and Krissy and Mum Maureen xxx

  8. It seems Christmas is not going to be a happy time for many this year – we sure hope they find a way to make your dad feel better

  9. Easy I’m very sad to hear about your Dad……I know you and your Mom (and Dad) were hoping that he would be all fixed up after the surgery but now he has to have MORE surgery……I know you will worry and you will miss him AGAIN and have to wait forever and a day for him to come back home. We send hugs and prayers to ALL of you. As for the dew claw problem – I know that must hurt like the devil! I can see it in your eyes buddy……I wish I had a magic wand so I could wave it and make things HAPPY at your house. Don’t worry about me my friend as my vet says my pills are working and that was excellent news for me and my Mom…..This old guy is hanging in there! We should all TRY to hang in there together even though there’s been a lot of sad/bad news in blogville lately. WE WILL ALL THINK PAWSITIVELY!!!!!

    Love you my dear buddy…..

  10. DailyMusings says:

    I am so sad to hear the woes continue. I will keep your dad in my thoughts and prayers, and you too- and mom as she must be on her last nerve. I hope the drs can fix everything right next week. Sending a multitude of hugs and kisses and wish there wasn’t an ocean dividing us, cause I would come right over. (and I mean it) xxxooo ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. Dalton says:

    Oh pal, that’s not good news. Extra treats all round me thinks to cheer you up! We are keeping you in our thoughts!!

  12. WalkToRio says:

    I hope thing improve quickly for your family.
    Looking forward to great news next week after your dad’s surgery.

  13. grannyK says:

    I am sorry for the bad news and I hope you are holding up okay. I do hope the second surgery makes things better once and for all. I tried not to giggle about the salad bowl and the ‘sprinkler system’, but I couldn’t help it! Forgive me for laughing when you are having such troubles!

  14. fredrieka says:

    sweetie I am so sorry wish I could physically be there for you. Hugs

  15. Easy I am so sorry things went all crazy with your Dad’s sprinkler system (I know a bit about that myself right now) and that he will have to have another surgery. My wish is that all be better for your Dad and Mom and you. My other wish is that 2014 be gone and not let the door hit it on the ass on the way out. It hasn’t been the best of years. Still sending prayers Easy, you guys are on my mind!

  16. merbear74 says:

    Love and hugs…and good thoughts. ❤

  17. kolytyi says:

    That Monday will be a hard day for us, too, because my uncle will be operated, too. He has become yellow 3 weeks ago and it turned out that there is a tumor in his pancreas. It is a dangerous thing and it is extremely difficult to operate. And the day of the operation has been postponed again and again…

  18. Must be something in the Blogville water system that’s causing so many of us to be going through hard, sad times right now. So prayers and POTP to all. We’re sending along some extra hugs and warm vibes for you and your Daddy.

  19. Oh Easy, I’m sorry to hear about your dad, poor guy. And you too! Your mom must be having a hard times with these troubles – you should try and be on your best behavior, I know its’ tough, but I bet she’d appreciate it.

  20. Brian says:

    Dang it Easy, we were so hoping your Dad was doing much better too. We sure send purrs and prayers to your Dad and to you for your sore paw. We hope healthy returns to all the Blogville residents super soon.

  21. Frankie and Ernie says:

    Dear FUREND EASY….. we are SO VERY MUCH SORRY to hear that your dad is going through all this. We are sending him POTP fur this NEW Surgery to actually DO THE JOB… and get him back to being 100% Pawfect.
    PAWS CROSSED fur your DAD .
    VIBES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fur Mr. Mark

  22. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh no, poor Pops. We wish him all the best. Sending lots of good vibes your way. You should have told the nurse to keep the bowl
    Lily & Edward

  23. Kyla says:

    I bet the vet can remove the dew claw-“medically necessary”. Whatever you do, don’t try removing a body part for the catheter problem. Dr. Kyla’s solution. Make Dad drink a bottle of vinegar. Everybody knows that to be energetic, you have to be full of piss and vinegar.

  24. Easy your eyes tell me you are not feeling very easy right now. Have me ver seen you looking so down buddy. Pfffftttt on thr trolls who harangued Mum. My Dad has to see his urologist twice a year…plumbing challenges. But so far he is good. Our loving and healing thoughts are headed straight over to you and your Dad.

  25. cecilia07 says:

    Dear Easy and family…gosh we were hoping you and your Dad were on the mend. We hope and pray next week’s surgery will restore everything back to it’s original condition. Sending purrs and hugs Madi and mom

  26. catfromhell says:

    Yous knows what, sometimes everything happens all at once! But Easy, wes loves yous and your Mommy and Daddy and wes sending yous all that Love and Kisses and Hugs and Strength so that you can makes it through today, and wes will send Purrayers too, and then
    Tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that wes will does it again, because each day is a new one, full of hope and new beginnings.
    PS. Lay a big slobbery kiss on your Mommy for me

  27. PigLove says:

    Oh brother. I’m lowering my head. I am so sorry for all of the troubles going on at your crib right now. Persistence is key. We are still praying and sending healing vibes your way and to all of those that need help. We love ya’ll! XOXO – Bacon

  28. Stella Rose says:

    Dear Easy:
    Ours grandpa has the very same issue as your daddy…it took awhile for the dr.’s to fix him all up but they did, his life is different now, but he has adjusted to it and so will your momma and da….now please take care of yourself and your foots, I fink I should come over and just be your nurse for awhile cos mom will be busy wif your dad, is that okay….I would like a first class ticket tho cos I heard you can drink for free and I will need to completely knock myself out cos I is afeared to fly. Unless I have my superman outfit on, and it is at the drycleaners right now. Hopefully my plane’s door will not blow off over Europe as poor U2 singers did, just in case I will bring no luggage but maybe wear a pair of your boxers in stead. I fink evil chrissy has cast a spell all overs blogville …like the plague and we must must must find a away to dispose of her. Perhaps we can discuss this over a good stiff drink in front of your fireplace. Also mom used to have a troll on her page and she told her to piss off…hers is gone now.
    Angus McConnell Long

    • Angus that would be great and we could wait together till the hospital calls us (not). and in front of my fireplace we could work on an anti-spell potion to beat that Chrissy. Maybe we can pimp up Ruby’s margaritas :o) butt better don’t get hammered on an airplane, my mom did that once to cover her fear and she learn’t that zero gravity counts not for drinks in her tummy and that you can speed off with mach2 even when you are not the Concorde :o)

  29. Awww whee are so sorry to hear your Daddy needs more surgery and visits to the DOGter. And no matter how much whee love salad whee have decided not to visit your hutch for some until you have a new bowl!

    Whee are also sorry to hear about your paw, Noah has a sore paw too at the moment so he feels you!


  30. Oh Easy, we are so sorry to hear that your dad needs more surgery! We updated our POTP page for you both. We hope that the Monday surgery will fix things once and for all and you three can get back to your normal orbit of being a happy family with no troubles! BTW, if you can get your mom to change her mind, we would love to have you head up (as Director) a new school we could call something like “The Blogville Academy of Comportment”. We’re trying to figure out how to send you some magic snow but today it is melting!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    • Oh I would be the best candidate or caninidate? for that position… butt I think I should put some stuffies on my wishlist for santa, the sundayclass looks a little incomplete now :o)

  31. I’m sorry your daddy’s surgery didn’t work like it should. Hopefully this next one will get everything working just right!

  32. Will and Eko says:

    Rough patch is putting it mildly – hope you guys have a restful and unexciting weekend.

  33. dorysbackyard says:

    We are sending tons of POTP for your Daddy and for you Easy…we hope that things get better soon!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  34. Kuruk says:

    Oh Easy, we send as much wuvwuvwuv as the universe can hold fur you and your Papa, and your Mama! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤ ❤

  35. Sarge says:

    Wow, Easy, I’m so sorry this has happened for your Dad. Sometimes the medical peeps don’t quite get things right. I’m so sad for him. I’ll send a whole bunch of healing vibes to him and that should help. Lots of hugs to you and your Mom.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  36. Oh no we are so sorry Easy 😦 We hope your daddy gets better REAL soon! And if you want to come here to florida and remove your dew claw you can stay with us! 🙂

  37. Mental Mama says:

    I hope you and Dad start feeling better soon, really soon. More kisses from Evie Cat. *hugs* ❤

  38. This is not good my friend! Bacon and Bacon’s mom keep the faith and he will get better. Faith does a lot for a loved one stuck in the hospital. I understand where you’re coming from Bacon because I felt the same way when mom was in for her heart problems. Mom says she feels for your dad cause she knows what it’s like in the hospital and hates all the noise there….specially in Emergency.

    Our purrs and prayers are with you and your family my friend. Let’s get this thing done and all cleared up.

    Kitty kisses,


  39. Oh dear dear Easy. We cross our pug paws and send tons of our very special pug POTP for your Dad and you. we think the second surgery better be free of charge since the first one did not work.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  40. dezizworld says:

    Oh Easy meez so sowwy to hear ’bout yous daddy. Weez will purray even hawder fur hims to get better, and fur yous mommy and yous. Now ’bout da dew claw, yes they can be removed, hav yous asked yous VET ’bout da legalities of it? Or maybe yous bweeder wuld know. Weez will ask ow European furiends and see ifin any of them know fur suwe, and in da meantime, weez’ll purray it gets better.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  41. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Oh, Easy. You aren’t living up to your namesake!! I hope everyone gets much better over the weekend. I will send you well wishes and hopefully you & Daddy will be yourselves again.
    Oh, don’t go cutting toes off! Are folks crazy??

  42. Run A Muck Ranch says:

    Not a good time in the Easy house, or for friends of Easy. It has to get better soon, doesn’t it?

  43. Poor Easy, it has been an unlucky time hasn’t it? Schnauzer kisses and thoughts of dove-hunting and healing prayers coming your way!

  44. Goose says:

    This is not the news I was hoping to hear brother. I am praying with all my Wiem might for all things to be made right again and for the sun to shine bright on you and all in your crib.

  45. harrispen says:

    We are sorry to hear this news about you and your dad. We sure hope you both feel better soon.

    Millie & Walter

  46. susieandsidebite says:

    Well we wish you and your Dad the bestest, we got some POTP going for you guy…..now STAY OFF THAT PAW!

    The Mad Scots

  47. Sorry to hear your dads plumbing is still out of order. Hope the plumber dogtors repair him better this time.

  48. The OP Pack says:

    Oh dear, we say it is high time for some much better news all around. Your Dad must be so frustrated with all his sprinkler problems. We hope the doctor can get it right this time. And your toe – give it a rest, Easy, so it can heal. We are glad the towel sling is helping. Dare we say, have a GOOD weekend.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  49. Cupcake says:

    We’re so sorry to hear of the bad turns at your home, E. Somehow, you still manage to make us smile with your crazy view of things. Our prayers are that you and your family will all be back to health and peacefulness soon. Hang in there, buddy. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  50. Disappointing news and sending POTP to Dad and Easy. Fungi, fudge and a “far canal”<3 Good news will come next.

  51. Easy POTP going strong for your Dad from our corner of the world! Hope your darn dewclaw heals soon so your leg gets better. Sending your Mom {{hugs}}.
    Luvs from us all.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang

  52. Sending everyone healing vibes…

  53. Easy, we are soooooo sorry for your Daddy and for your toe. Your Mom needs you to be extra good while she helps Dad. We are sending POTP your way. I am so sorry for Sasha. This is first I’ve head and will head straight over. Take care of each other. ♥ ♥

  54. Oh easy I’m sorry things aren’t going according to plan with your dad’s peeper. I sure hope Mondays surgery works. Sorry about your toe also and you are the best friend for caring do much about your friends you are so special.

  55. tylersat99 says:

    Easy we are really sorry your Dad is still not doing better and has to have more surgery we will keep him in our prayers. And we are really sorry your paw has not healed, you need to rest it and not chase doves until healed.

  56. Sending love and puppy kisses to you and your dog-mom. Sam & I are so sorry to hear about this latest turn. Please know we’re keeping paws crossed that things go better next week. Barking loads of healing energy to you all. ❤

  57. Emmadog says:

    So sorry you all are really down on your luck right now. I would say you are almost to the point where it can’t get worse, so it has to get better. Don’t let it knock you down, keep on fighting and this whole chapter will eventually pass. We really hope your dad gets fixed next week. He is going to the human vet, right? Watch your paw too dude. Bailie and I had our back dew claws removed, not the fronts, and Katie still has all four, so it is possible to live til at least 12 1/2 with dew claws. We applaud many of those dog/cat laws about ears, tails, claws, etc, but dew claws seems a bit odd. Hang in there and chew some dirty undies if stress gets to you!

  58. pawedblog says:

    Oh Easy! None of this is one bit fun is it? if you don’t mind, would you do me a small favour though? Please would you give your mum a big hug from me… but careful so as not to squish your swollen paw!
    I am so pleased mum laughed at the stupid (illiterate) troll! … Pay no mind! I don’t know but I *think* over here if a dew caw is causing pain and distress, as it happens A LOT when they get caught, then it is considered kinder to have it removed. But they won’t remove it until/unless there is a problem.
    Anyway, you all please be taking care, we will be thinking of you all three and sending loves and happy thoughts!
    Hugs, Carrie & Pups x

  59. hello easy its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer that things did not go as hoped for with yore dada!!! trixie and i wil kontinyoo to send menny tail wags until yoo hav got him bak home gud as noo!!! ok bye

  60. Well darn…that’s NOT the news we wanted to hear. We hope they get your Daddy fixed up this time and that he is feeling a lot better quickly. We’re purring that your ouchie gets better soon too….why do things all happen at once????

    The Florida Furkids

  61. Misaki says:

    Oh easy, sending you all lots of love and hugs xxxx

  62. Novroz says:

    Sorry to hear about your Daddy. Hope he gets well soon…and so are you with your pawn.

    I guess you’re right, it’s a sad moment in pet blogosphere…so many problems there.

  63. Mags Corner says:

    Oh, sweet Easy we are just so sorry that your Daddy has to have another surgery. We are also sorry that your claw has not healed. We sure were hoping as I know you were too that you both were all better by now. We will keep on sending up prayers for you both and we send to you ALL many warm hugs and lots of nose kisses

  64. Hawk aka BrownDog says:

    Hi Y’all,

    While your world doesn’t sound too “easy” right now, I’m sending you all the “paw power” I have, and my Humans have added you and your Dad and Mom to their prayers.

    Thinking of y’all,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  65. wyatt says:

    So sorry that your daddy is not fixed up yet. That must be so scary for you and your mom. We send all the P.O.P. we can muster up. Hang in there and take care of that paw too.
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  66. Jan K says:

    Oh, Easy, I am so sorry to hear that your Dad has to have more surgery, and that your paw is not better yet. And even with all that, you are thinking of others that are having hard times too. It looks like we have a lot to hope and pray about tonight. We will be thinking of you and all the others who are also going through hard times. It is time for things to get better. xxxooo

  67. whitedogpuperie says:

    Oh, Easy. We are so sorry that things didn’t go the way you were hoping! We are sending positive thoughts and big hugs your way.

  68. We are sending healing purrs to your Dad, and have our paws crossed they get his sprinkler system fixed soon. Making a note never to hand nurses bowls you want to eat out of. We are sending healing purrs for your paw and hope it feels better soon. Keeping everyone in our thoughts, Hugs and Love, ~Socks, Scylla, Fenris & Tuiren (ATCAD)

  69. Oh Easy I am sending good thoughts to your dad. I hope all goes well and he is better soon. So sorry to hear about that darn dew claw. I know there are places that forbid the removal of these, but luckily not here. We have them removed because our hunting dogs are subject to them being injured and we know once injured, it takes time for them to heal and it hurts. But it will eventually heal if you listen to your mom and don’t chase birds and stuff!

  70. rottwlrmom says:

    Oh Easy! I’m so sorry to hear of your and your dad’s troubles! If I were your mom, I’d save that bowl for when the next catheter comes out! And a call to your vet should answer the removal of the claw question. Hope you both mend fast!

  71. Oh my dawg! All of this news. So sorry to hear about your peep. And your claw is still ouchie. That sux. I’m sad for you.

  72. Nylabluesmum says:

    Yow Easy we iz sowwy yer Dad haz had so much trubble wif da waterwerkz..poor Hu’Man…we haz bin purrin n purrayin fer him nitely.
    As fer yer dew clalw me finkz it shuud bee reemoved if it causez such a prublem n yer not Faa-shistz fer wantin to keep ya comfy n outta pain!
    We had a troll come our bloggie last weekend n Mum allmost popped a clog she waz so-o pissed off!! She deeleted dat troll quik like!!!
    Why do dey come out onlee when dere iz tuff timez n sadz??? Makez me wanna swipe dem 😉
    Anywho we iz in diz together n we makez da best on diz slice earth rite Easy???
    **paw kissez** to ya n yer Mum n Dad too xxxxxxx
    ❤ Nylablue ❤ n Mum x0

    • that Trolls are like a pimpel on the ass of the society.
      although we know that they are idiots, we are angry anyway. btw: this troll was a SUPER-troll an a racist, he also called my momma a fashist because of our origin from britanny, some people here have a low opinion about us. but maybe he was just a moron and meant FASHIONISTA?

  73. Nylabluesmum says:

    What da **FLOUNDER** iz wrong iwf sum pppez?? Yer ancestree iz just fine n iz not impawtent. Da troll needzz to goez back under da bridge n mind dere mannurz!
    Trollz are all over da Interwebbneetz altho we not have many…butt Mum noticed a few on diz site n she got purrty uppyset…
    Me sayz DEELETE n ferget dem…
    We haz each other rite Easy? 😉
    Lub Nylablue x0

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