Madi2 (2).
MAJOR MADI invited all to write a post  with the motto:SPRING FLING
PEE-nocchio with an "f" or an "r"? ...aaaah I know like BANANAS but with "CK" right?

PEE-nocchio with an “f” or an “r”? …aaaah I know like BANANAS but with “CK” right?


I grabbed my pen, put my thinking cap on and my ole blue jeans (no not really, I’m too fat) and here we go:

Once my mom had a friend. Her name was Dory and you will guess it, she was a crazy girl.  Once in the early 90s Dory met a guy named  Costas.
He came from Greece and was only there for a week to visit his uncle. Dory was in love immediately and Costas really promised her the stars, the sun and the allmighty kingdom and much more what no one understood, because neither mom or Dory spoke greece
.  Then he went back to his greek island.

Well,  living in the early 90s was not easy. Cell phones were rare, and if  you had one they were as big as a fridge and even a  short  call was nearly ruinous. And they  had NO internet! Really! Long distance calls were pricey and if you were always on the rocks like mom and Dory, a relationship a’la Sleepless in Seattle was just impossible.


So Dory and Costas wrote love letters. Very old school, with a pen and a paper sheet and many hearts (because of the language barrier)  and …. a lot of lies.


After some months  while Dory was on cloud #7 and Costas in Greece, she got a telegram. For younger peeps and pets: that was something like an e-mail but different, you know? something like that:



The telegram came from Costas’ buddy and it  said that Costas  had an accident and has to stay in a hospital.
D’ oh!
Now Dory’s heart beated like a jungle drum and she was in worry for beloved Costas. To be on his side while he has to fight for his life was her greatest wish. Sadly Dory had 3 problems:
– no car
– no driver licence
– no bucks
So she howled her woes in my moms ears, till my mom said Hell! yes!, because mom had no 3 problems, just one: no bucks.
Both started the same night with the last money, a baguette, a overdated piece of cheese and a water bottle. Butt wait I forgot the leading light: the ride. Like  I said my mom was poor and for small money you can buy only a small car: a FIAT PANDA, named POP (btw: we still have the mouse what hangs on the mirror)


the one and only "Love Boat"

the one and only “Love boat”

I have no clue if a ride with 34bhp/652cc counts for  a car in the U.S. or if it runs under walking aid or lawn mower?
Butt anyway, Dory, mom, the ole cheese and the baguette and the water bottle hopped in the panda, the Panda shout out with all  his pitiful 34hp like a burping cat and they started to Greece



Time( one way)

42h16 with 20h32 on motorways

Distance (one way)

2328 km with 2046 km on motorways


 The  Panda has seats like  cheap camping chairs and the “aircondition” only had two options: window up or down (via window crank, of course).
After and endless journey on the road to hell ( the 39 hours are wishful thinking, in the 90s they had NO GPS and used road maps) the landed at Costas island. As an highlight they had to drive through Italy, because they couldn’t use the road through former Yugoslavia, because of the war. Butt no war, no Panda and no ole cheese could stop Dory and her love to Costas. They only made short pee-breaks to fill the tank and the waterbottle ( both had nearly the same capacity) and for some short naps for my mom.

They really reached Greece and they really  found the address of Costas, knocked on the door and guess who opened? No, not Costas… he really was in hospital… it was…  




Seems they came to late for the BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, because the groom was always taken…




What a frigging liar! The Trojan Horse on two legs! They should name him PEE-NOCCHIO… butt wait, we are in Greece, so PEE-NOCCHIOS sounds better.  To say mom and Dory felt uncomfy wouldn’t describe their situation, they felt like stranded in hell. After a night on that devils island they  entered the Panda and drove home with dropped tails….

The whole way back Dory sang the ” I hate him, but I love him so” -song, while my mom maneuvered her rolling shoe box through europe. After a three day ride with  heat, dirt and rumbling tummies (NO BUCKS!) they were back. Dory, Mom and the Panda named POP. Without the baguette, the cheese and the waterbottle… without fleas in their head about a BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING butt with their butt back on the ground of reality.

Once MEAT LOAF sang “I would do anything for love”. Really? I have some doubts if ANYTHING includes a  1446 miles ride in a rolling shoe box and I have some doubts if Meat Loaf would be strong enough for such a ride in a Panda….. or vice versa… if the Panda would be strong enough for Meat Loaf…

Butt my mom  did it. Against all odds and against every reason. For Dory. For the understanding among nations. For the cheese. And for the friendship. And they never heard from Pee-nocchios (good!).

The random walk of Odysseus lasted  10 years, mom’s journey only a week. Odysseus had 12 ships, mom just ONE Panda. Either a Panda isn’t as bad as we think or Odysseus was a  more worse driver than my mom. I’m more for “either”… just saying…..



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  1. Oh my I cannot believe after all that the wife answered the door HOLY CRAP x. True friendship though xx

  2. OMD we have been in tears of laughter I am sorry to say. A journey worthy of Odysseus. We can just imagine the hot sticky seats in a sardine can on wheels only to find Medusa at the other end. BOL funny. Thank you for our morning laugh. Bravo Easy. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. mollieandalfie says:

    Oh what a dirty RAT… Your Mom was sure a good friend. Thank for the super laugh Easy although would not have been funny at the time xxxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. You must must must put all these stories in a book 😀 Having driven a Panda for considerable distances in my youth, I do feel for them!

  5. DailyMusings says:

    What a journey!! I felt like I was right there along the I read in suspense.. and then did not expect what happened when the door was opened!! 😯 what a good friend your mom is 🙂
    (I love your spring banner atop your blog page!! 🙂

  6. GAH! I was afraid of that the whole time! What a story. Spring Fling from Hell. Hilarious.

    Love and licks and I love old cheese,

  7. OMG! The cad! Your Mum is a good friend! 🙂

  8. fredrieka says:

    Mymomwithoutpaws laughs and says she has had car where you could see the road beneath you go by and you had to keep water in it so it would not over heat.. what a trip..

  9. fozziemum says:

    Oh no….what a travesty…I can only imagine the trip home…the crying the anger…the wasted petrol money….I wonder if Costas wife sent him to hospital after learning of his shenanigans bwahahahaah ..the least he could do is refund the petrol and baguette money!! bravo Easy.,..mum does it again with the great story 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx

    • ha, yes. and the cheese (ok it was overdated, so the half price would be adequate) the worst was, as her pawrents saw the ride the first time, her dad said: i thought its new, but it has 5k on the clock… mom just rolled her eyes and said: it WAS new, don’t ask…

  10. cecilia07 says:


  11. when something is too good to be true – it usually is. What was true though – was your Mom’s friendship 🙂

  12. merbear74 says:

    what a huge butthole, but think of it this way…you got to see Greece. :o)

  13. Dang! I knew it. I knew it!!!! That creep. All us gals need a friend like your Mom Easy. Maybe even a friend like Panda.. can’t believe Panda got them there. The little car that could!

  14. Goose says:

    Wowzers that is quite the tale!! Your mom is a good friend and I am sure Dory found a much more suitable prince.

  15. PigLove says:

    Oh- sniff sniff – I need another tissue. That is the most romantic thing. To throw caution to the wind and travel across country to be by the man. It was a great beginning. Too bad the big bad wolf answered the door – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  16. Mental Mama says:

    I once bought a car for a guy I’d known less than a week, that’s kind of similar.

  17. Brian says:

    HA! You flung that fling around quite nicely Easy!

  18. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh come on, dirty rotten scoundrel. Mom saved the day
    Lily & Edward

  19. Misaki says:

    Your mummy is such a good friend. What an epic journey for an epic jerk

  20. Kyla says:

    He knows the rigo(u)rs of junkets like that. Once He went from Panama City, Panama to San Antonio Texas in a VW bug whose starter wasn’t working. Either you parked on a hill or you push started it. There were portions of the journey where the locals only spoke their dialect of Indian. It was for love also, the love of adventure.

    • oh your poor dad, that’s nearly a 1k miles trip too. Mom had such a bug ( that name fits) once too. It was called the purple snail. That ride had exactly the same ouchie. Mom had to start it with knocking on the starter with a hammer. It worked some times but after a while the bug was in the bucket :o)

  21. Frankie and Ernie says:

    OMD OMD WHAT a story of both Betrayal and TRUE FRIENDSHIP. THIS is super and sad at the same time.
    We feel SORRY for Costas’ Wife though.

  22. Yikes! Good intentions always end up bad….sounds like a great journey thou. I have a award waiting for you on my blog today. Soak up the Sunshine my friend.

  23. Good friends are invaluable and it sounds as though your mom is one!


  24. finnhoward says:

    Easy – Finn’s Mom here. I just wanted you to know that I sent your peeps a thank you for their donation to my auction in December. IT JUST CAME BACK TODAY as undeliverable! Do you want to send me your mailing addy? I am so embarrassed!

  25. speedyrabbit says:

    Hehehe thats funny and romantic,xx Speedy

  26. harrispen says:

    That was quite an odyssey.

  27. MOL!!! My mom had 60’s VW bug with no gas gauge. Would have been like travel in the Panda. What a good friend your Mom is. And what a smile we have.

  28. This was an excellent story. We were on the edge of our seats although we had a hunch it was going to turn out with your mom being wronged. Thanks for sharing it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. I was on the edge of my puter seat the whole story EAsy!!!
    Well, at least she saw Greece!! I sure hopes she gots some Uzo too…
    Ruby ♥

  30. stella rose says:

    oH My PUg we laughed and laughed and laughed ….because my mom says she bets all womens have a piece of this kind of story in their backgrounds, we use to live outside of frankfort germany and my mom drove a little car with a lawn mower engine, it kinda looks like those little cars that cost 23,000.00 now but only cost her 500. lol…AND guess what we know a Costa from Greece (maybe Costa is like the name Bill here) he has a wife named Debbie (just like my momma)………small world….my Dad actually went to Greece about 8 years ago for Christmas….my mom was not invited…she is still mad about that…..enjoyed this story a lot!!!

  31. Emma says:

    What a story! Mom knows those cars from living in Germany…the license plate too 🙂 What a bummer but it was a good experience.

  32. Nylabluesmum says:

    Dat Hu’man waz what me Mum reeferz to as a *RAT B*ST*RD* n she sayz she had diz happin to her butt not a bazillion milez in a Panda on a Baguette…..he waz a local fella n guess what?? He too waz a Greek shredder too…odey must fnacy dere chancez or sumfin?? Mum reesotred da balance to da werld when she confronted him at hiz coffeeshop called Da Donutt Palace! She smacked him down a guud one n she reenamed da place Da Donut Dump, MOL/BOL…
    Hiz buziness went South n so did he!! 😉
    Yer Mum waz a bunderfull furend to Dory…..
    Wunder if Pinokeyoosus Rat B*st*rd got in truuble frum da Missus?? 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

    • ha! maybe the donut dump guy is Pee-nocchios? maybe his wife chased him away and he came to your place? look if he has a long nose and a wooden head, than it is the same guy :o) Probably Mr. Virgil was right: beware of greeks bearing gifts :o)

  33. Sarge says:

    Hey Easty!
    Wow, what a fun Fling story! Oh, poor misled Dory. She’s much better off with your Mom as a furiend than that rotten guy as a beau. BOL OMD this was hysterical…the old cheese, the Panda, the pee tanks and water bottle capacity, BOL
    Thanks for the laughs today!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  34. BEST story today. Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like your mom. Don’t you think people were more adventurous before the internet, GPS etc. I know I was way bolder to travel off the beaten path and happy to get lost. Now everyone has to know exactly where everything is 24/7.

  35. Clowie says:

    That’s quite a trip!

  36. LifeOfBun says:

    That trip is pretty much a movie in itself :p holy hamsters!! What..!! What a weasel though.

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