Today is sunday and I can tell you what happened on wednesday here, because this week is nearly over now…

Last wednesday was literally a B… of a day. It started with audio-terrorism from the streetworkers who are now working directly in front of my crib. But it came worst.

IMG_1264  . IMG_1263

Towards noon my dad decided to drive to the city for buying some groceries. He came back without food but with a monkey on the shoulder with anger, because the money-guy on the bank refused to give him wonga, because it’s mom’s account, brandnew and we are waiting for the card and by then we have to beg for our own money on the counter.
Even if dad had mom’s passport and an authorization the money -guy said NO, mom has to come personally – even if she is sick and looks like a Zombie.
Now mom chanced her luck. She disguised herself as a humanoid whatever and buzzed off.
As she came to the city she was wondering why a lot of cars were waiting on the street she has to cross for arriving the crib of the money-guy. She overtook all the cars till she noticed that all the cars were waiting for a parking lot in front of the bank. Hell, now she had to drive backwards the whole street till she was far behind from the place where she started. Now she had to wait till her hands were rusted-in on the steering wheel. At least she found a parking lot and went in the crib of the money-guy.
She claimed her wonga and the money-guy sad: Oh you are really sick, I’m soooo sorry (but with a greasy voice and faked pity )SURE! What else? barked mom, grabbed the wonga and disappeared.
Did I say, that it came worst? Now it cames worst worst.



In front of the bank were two women who were drunken. One hang on the stairs the other one observed the bank counter for people who got money there. As mom came out, one of the women was begging for money. Mom said no and believe it or not, the woman who was sitting on the stairs SPIT ON HER! The spit-bomb landed on moms jeans – urrrks – disgusting!

The best in this situation would be to drive home – but mom is mom … She drove in direction of the supermarket … but… she had to pass her junk store… Who can resist? NOT MOM!

She went in her store and compensated all the misfortune of this day with buying needless things. As she came out of the store she tried to storage her TRASHURES in the trunk of the car. Behind her a female sunday driver tried to came out of the parking lot. Mom jumped aside to save her life and with the right hand she pressed the flap of the trunk down. While the trunk flap said WHACK! mom thought FAG! (I used uncle gerards word, I think it sounds better than the common f-word)… So mom thought FAG! because she was outside and the key inside of the car. If this were a movie it would start raining, it isn’t a movie but nevertheless it was raining now.

What to do? Mom jiggled like a berserk on the grasp of the trunk flap … oh mom, as if… then she tried some woefully actions to drag the windows down or smash them with her heel of the hand , till she remembered that she has a phone. She called dad and told him what happened. Dad tried not to laugh at her – that’s perilous if mom is in THIS state – even if she is 20 miles away and I must be careful too because I’m writing this story down while she is  2 yards away…



Dad said she should buy a hammer in her junk-store and smash a window – in best case NOT the front window, if it is possible. Mom agreed and went back to the junk-store. They have all things, really all – but they haven’t a hammer or something for damaging a car. While she was searching for a “murder weapon” dad called her and asked if she has still smashed a window “NOOO” howled mom through the phone,”they haven’t a hammer there”… dad said that’s not bad, because he found the second key and a neighbor is on the move to bring her the key.

After waiting an eternity the neighbor came, he was looking like a coalminer, because he was taring a roof as my dad called him – what a bad timing… He looked at mom as he would tar (and feather) her too and gave her the key and a “salt&pepper look” – KYLA, I guessed it we would need this quote – THANKS.

Mom went into the car, drove to the supermarket and bought her stuff. Then she drove home and we thought now we can breath again. It was awful for mom with her GID-eye in public, a lot of people were staring at her and eyeballed  behind her. She felt uncomfy and bad and spat upon by a drunken woman. What a worst wednesday!

As she reached my crib she was totally puzzled. In the meantime the street guys were busy and throwed a truckload of gravel directly in front of my door. That means mom couldn’t drive up to the door, she had to park the car somewhere and to drag all the purchased stuff for miles through hicksville…



Even good things transformated on this day to the bad. Mom bought a new Häagen Dasz with meringue raspbery fondant as an “indemnity” for dad, but as he tried to wolf it down the whole raspberry mush landed in his bed…



I think next time he should give me the ice cream immediately, because it was very exhausting to remove it completely from the bedding, even if you have a very flexible tongue like me…
We all were glad as the worst wednesday was over at midnight….



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  1. catchatcaren says:

    OMG EASY!! I cannot believe all of those dreadful things happened to your poor Mom!!! We wanted to click “like” but we really feel bad for her and couldn’t! What a horrible day, please give her a hug from us! xoxoxo

  2. Frankie Furter and Ernie says:

    THAT is the WORST WEDNESDAY Anybuddy could EVER EVER have had. We really feel sorry fur you mum. That Spitting Lady should have been hauled off to JAIL. YUCK. If you had been along… you could have PEED on her.

  3. OMD Easy, that has to be the worst Wednesday in history. How awful your Mom getting spat on.. I don;t know if my Mom would of walked away..BOL At least your Mom got to go to the junk shop and ice cream saved the day xx00xx Hope Mom feels better soon 🙂 xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Kyla says:

    This sounds like one of those old black and white comedy movies that they rerun in the wee hours of the morning. Things just keep getting deeper and deeper in poo.

  5. OMD That was a woeful Wednesday indeed. Poor dad, poor mum , poor Easy. What a rubbish day. Hope they have removed all the gravel otherwise I’d steal it and sell it.
    Have a serene, stress free, spit free, Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Thanks Molly … we always have … shhh it’s a secret… at least the heap is a little bit smaller now :o) Mom said the next who spit on her is a case for a drumhead trial:o) Maybe she needs a whole-body umbrella?

  6. Farce from start to finish! One of those days when things truly look like they can only get better but you must not dare to think that 😀 Glad you were on hand to clear up Dad’s mess.

  7. Brian says:

    Well now if that wasn’t quite the week! I think I would have just crawled back in bed an slept through it all. Have a great Easy Sunday Easy!

  8. catfromhell says:

    You are lucky yous did NOT goes with your Mommy! It would has been awful to be stuck inside the car when she was outside!

    • You’re right, Nellie… Only the imagination makes me shutter… Once my grampy had this disaster and his dog was in the car. He immediately smashed a window of the car to save the dog.Withal he found his key in his trouser pocket :o)

  9. I agree that you and your entire family had The Week From Hell (or was it just Wednesday only??). Your poor Mom going through all that stuff including that wacko lady who spit on her only to get home finally to a big load of gravel in front of your crib!! Just when you think things can’t get worse…..they do! I hope by now Wednesday is a foggy and distant bad memory and that today is a PEACEFUL and spitless day for you all. Heaven knows you deserve it – – -big time. SAMMY HUGS to your Mom.


    • You’re right, Sammy – but it was only the wednesday. I think further we should rename the wednesday in “worstday”… an we should celebrate the “worstday” in bed :o)

  10. Madi and Mom says:

    O M D s Easy….that was a Wednesday from “HEdouble hockey sticks”…as we say here
    Your poor sweet Mum!! I bet you are glad you were safe at home on your bed.
    Lots of hugs all around
    your BFFF Madi

  11. I’m sorry to hear you terrible story and even sorrier that I’m laugh so hard at something that obviously isn’t at all funny!! Love the picture of you looking out the window as you wait faithfully for Mom to get home (in whatever stay she was in by that time) and sorry that you exhausted yourself trying to clean up that ice cream. Life can be terrible!

    Please give Mom a big lick from me and tell her I know next week will be much better.


  12. Goose says:

    That is a woeful wednesday indeed. I think it should be a movie. Not sure if it should be a comedy or tragedy. And look how wonderfully helpful you are to clean the bedding so your mom didn’t have to do it. I bet that was the bright spot in her day.

    • Absolutely Goose I was the hero after all for cleaning the bed :o) I think we should call this movie a DRAMEGEDY (mix between comedy, tragedy&drama). And I think K. Kardashian or P. Hilton should be the leading actress (they deserved it to get a spit- shower and a bad eye)

  13. OMD. That was a nasty wednesday for your Mom and Dad. Make sure you give them lots of wet kisses today.

  14. well I did click “like” cuz you and your family make my Mom ROFLHAO…and she does this with both sorrow for your Mom and appreciation for your incredible skill at writing! My Mom wants to hang out with your Mom…if they ever do…Easy, I think OUR DADS should be very, very worried…just sayin’…warm paw hugs for Mom

  15. dockfam says:

    My goodness. Talk about a bad day! Hope this week is less exciting for your mum,

  16. Wow – that doesn’t sound like a good day at all!

  17. Holy Dog Poop. That was the worst Wednesday we’ve ever heard about. Mum was so horrified, she even laughed at times. Just shows how coo coo in the head she is. Let’s hope the horrible lady outside the bank spit on the bank man who didn’t give your dad the money. We hope your mum has recovered and her mentals are all ok now. Your mum’s junk store made our mum’s eye’s light up. Is it like a second hand store (or Op shop as we call them)? Take care everybuddy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    • I will tell it to the drunken lady when she is sober gain – that’s a good idea. The junk store sells things from insured loss, bankrupt stores and things no one (except mom) wants to buy.
      But sometimes you can find really good things (mostly not) – but they have no hammers – that’s bad :o)

  18. OMD, OMD, OMD, Easy, your Wednesday even tops Phantom’s Friday. We all hope you have a fantastic week this week with some of that yummy ice cream. Mom LOVES all flavors of Haagen Daaz. She even shares it with us.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Oh you must have the best mom of the world – this ice cream comes directly from paradise, but the price is more devilish :o)
      It was the best medecine for such a black wednesday :o)

  19. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh my! Whats going on!
    Benny & Lily

  20. Woof! Woof! Oh my that is really close but for when its done it will be great. Oh mom loves ice cream, not sure if that is avail here in the US. Hope you are having a better Sunday Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  21. Sagira says:

    Goodness..that does sound like one heck of a day.

  22. Oh Easy your poor mom, what a dreadful day. I hope you made it up to her by giving her lots of attention and love. I hope she is better now.

  23. At least you guys got your wonga!!!! Im glad you did a review so I could see allthe things I might have missed!

  24. Dalton says:

    That sounds very eventful! Your paw mum!

  25. Oh my word, what a day. I think you should all give up on Wednesday’s completely and skip directly to Thursday every week. Sick, gummy eye, locked out, nearly tarred and feathered. Well, at least you got ice cream, even if you did have to work those tongue muscles hard.

    • That would be the best – great idea .o) Or mom needs a supervisor for her shopping adventures. But sometimes when she is famous than she will get bodyguards (or spit-guards)…hope she will be famous soon :o)

  26. Lavinia says:

    What happened to your mom was terrible but I laughed really hard. Please don’t tell her! :))

  27. Easy where do you live? are you UK if so you need to send them here to fill road pot holes LOL xxx

  28. Oh Easy, that doesn’t sound like it was a good day at all!!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  29. Wow! That was a tiring Wednesday, for sure! My human hates days like these. They happen sometimes and bad things seem to all want to happen on the same day. Sigh.
    Purrs to your Mom.

  30. kolytyi says:

    OMG, what a relief that your mom survived that Wednesday! But even such an unbelievably terrible day can be viewed as a lucky one if you realize that it could have easily been considerably worse. For example, if your mom could buy a hammer and the neighbour arrived late with the second key. Or if you were with her and that stupid woman ran you over; or you got closed in the car. Or your dad or mom got involved into a car accident, etc.
    Nevertheless, I hope your mom is through such bad things for at least a month… it was an overdose of horrible events!

  31. onebluedog says:

    Oh my goodness, Easy! This is most certainly the worstest of all worst Wednesdays I have ever heard of! I think I might have had a party when this terrible day ended. I hope that all the worst has now gotten out of the way for a good long time.

  32. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. NOT a day of noise, aggravation, spit, and lost keys. You’re the lucky one, getting to clean up the yummy mess!

    Love and licks,

  33. Hugs to your mum. She deserves to win the lottery after all that!

  34. Zena says:

    Hugs to your Mum too and I think I’d be moving out for a few weeks! Come to OZ – we haven’t had anyone spit on us here!

  35. Loved reading the post and the comments! All the best.


  36. saymber says:

    Easy I just felt my hart ache reading what your pa and ESPECIALLY your ma went through on this day….just doesn’t seem fair!!! THANK GOODNESS FOR ICE CREAM! Here it was Duncan Hines Decadent Triple Chocolate cake….another thing on the long list of my “one weakness.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3PNZ4XzCUM Larkrise to Candleford Ms Dorcas Lanes list of “one weaknesses” (LOVED this BBC series)

  37. Nylabluesmum says:

    Oh Easy…me Mum n me are horroarafied dat sum stoopid Hu’man spit on yer Mum!!! DAT IS PAWFULL!!!! Yer poor Mum…n all dat palaver (VBP) over da Wonga…n yer Mum bein sick n den almost gettin killeded!!!! N lockin da key in da car!!!
    Den da ice cream on da bed….YOW!!!
    Me iz glad you helped out cleanin da sheetz n comfortin da Mum….
    Me Mum said dat iz da worst day she haz ever read of n she iz hopin dat neber happenz to yer Mum again!!!!
    Purrleeze give yer Mum sum snugglez n n big lick frum me!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen too (who doezn’t lick anyfing other den ice cream!!)

  38. tylersat99 says:

    They should have just gone to bed and covered their head until the day was over. Too much bad luck for one day where was your magic spells?

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