From Rumpy’s blog: The idea behind this challenge is simple: A change in action is the result of a change in thinking, and this challenge is designed to make you think about what actions you take in your daily life that negatively impact animal welfare.
I’ve read at the Blog of lifeofbun about cruelty tests on animals for cosmetic companies.
I must confess that we had no clue about this and we were shocked about this cruelty tests and we were shocked about ourselves that we haven’t noticed this.
If I imagine that products like Hair Removal Cream were tested on animals I could scream.
Or if I think about tests with Hair Colorations, Perfume made with ingredients from animals like amber from Whales or Anti Wrinkle Creams made with placenta from animals – that makes me sick.
I found out that PETA and other Organizations for Animal Welfare have a list for cruelty free cosmetic products. Also I’ve found a list on the blog of lifeofbun. Otherwise I’ve found on the Peta site a list of companies, who are testing their products on animals.
Honestly, if our skin would be so permeable that a placenta-cream would work not only superficial – we would die immediately. And all durable wrinkle removing works only with surgery or with treatments which are injected via syringe UNDER our skin. If we want to remove hairs – so we should do it with an razor or an epilatior – if we want to be “naked” so with your own epilation-pains and not with the pains of animals. At last who want’s to smell like a musty dresser for a lot of money by using a Nr. something perfume – made from Whales-vomit?
With all this knowledge we went to our bathroom and removed the “bad” products. If we buy something new – the list is always with us. Maybe this could be an idea for you too – you should not storm your bathroom and throw your cosmetic products in the trashcan – but maybe it’s a good start to take a look on the list if you will buy new things. I know it’s only a small step, maybe it sounds pitiful or ridiculous – but I think even a small act could be a step in a right direction.
I think it was a good choice to clean out our bathroom – and if my mom is looking now old, shagged-out and shriveled – I’m beautiful enough for both of us!

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  1. We do check our products and we get a lot from the body shop, they don’t do testing on anipals. I guess sometimes fings will sneak in, wez gonna go check now 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Clowie says:

    It’s a great idea, Easy. My bipeds do try to avoid things tested on animals, we’re sure more people would if they knew.

  3. I got my girly (shower gel, body lotion, not underwear, that’d be beyond weird) things from Victoria’s Secret, they are safe, they even have a vegan line of products, called PINK (which is great).

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  5. Well done you Easy (and Mum) and everyone who avoids animal tested products!

  6. Goose says:

    Well done Easy. I am thankful that my MOM does not wear the makeup stuffs or perfumes. She does not wear the stuffs because of the testing on animals but also because she says the time it takes to put the stuff on takes away from time with me. But we are going to check or cabinets in case there is other stuff in there that was tested on animals. I am glad there are companies out there who do not do this test on us. If they want to test something they should use themselves if it is that important.

    • I agree Goose – we use this stuff only for special occasions. But I’m always included because I’m their shadow – even in the bathroom if they are in the bathtub (with security distance of course) and I like cosmetics too – most are yummy, specially body lotions and lip balms – they are my favorite snacks ;o)

    • I agree Goose. We only use this stuff for special occasions – but I’m always included, because I’m their shadow – even if they are in the bathroom or sitting in the bathtub (with security distance of course). I like cosmetics too – specially body lotions or lip balms they are my favorite snacks ;o)

  7. Shiva & Jaya says:

    Mom no wears thingies that been tested on anipals. She wears lotta those stuffies though, but no anipals gets hurted…we hope!

    We think this good thingie to discuss during Question Time this Friday. You already sended in? We shall collect questions soon and you be on the show maybe!

  8. You certainly are beautiful enough for two, Easy! Great post. If enough people stop buying the products, then the manufacturers would have to re-look at the actions. Each one counts. Well done!

    • Thanks. I think so – I’m beautiful enough – without cosmetics or surgery (ok, I had one but not for beauty it was important for my health) I hope some companies and customers would change their minds ;o)

  9. catchatcaren says:

    This is great advice Easy. I am gonna have Mom check all of her cosmetics!! She already needs more help than costmetics can offer so they obviously aren’t helping!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • hahaha OMD Dakota ;o) Think your mom is related with my mom – you wouldn’t believe what great adventures we had with this beauty-thingys ;o) I think my mom has the problem to make out the difference between suggested imagination on the package and the hard facts of the reality ;o)

  10. Easy there’s no doubt about it – you are beautiful enough for two or MORE! We know about animal testing and find it disgusting… Mom always checks products she buys with that list. She also gets the Humane Society of the US newsletter which keeps her informed about this and other forms of animal cruelty. It’s so sad isn’t it?

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • It is Sammy, I couldn’t think about till the end – it’s horrible . What a bonanza for my mom to have me , right? I think it’s a good way, we can help the animals, our bathroom is cleaned up and my dad is happy, because one of the “must-have-moneywasters ” is blacklisted now ;o)

      • HA! Well my Mom has saved some wonga too by eliminating a few things she THOUGHT she had to have to live (!) – turns out she’s just fine without ’em !!

        Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. knitwit1980 says:

    Thanks for sharing the list! As much as I try to avoid animal tested products, my daughter is apparently determined to test every lip gloss and lipstick on our fawn colored dogs by wearing them herself and kissing their foreheads. So far it seems okay.

  12. Brian says:

    We think we are free of evil products here, but I do believe my Dad used that Hair Removal stuff on his head!

    • BOL Brian… I must laugh and laugh. I think no human used this hair removal in purpose… my dad confused only a body lotion with a self tanner – wow he was looking great BOL.

  13. We avoid products tested on animals as there is no excuse for it. None at all. Nice one Easy! Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. Pawsome post. I am going to do mine Thursday I think. Mom will check her lady human stuff just to make sure. Thank you for reminding us Easy. Paw pats, Savannah

  15. Kyla says:

    I discussed this with Him and He doesn’t use cosmetics. He doesn’t wear any jewelry except for His watch because that’s functional.

  16. Madi and Mom says:

    Mom and I were clueless about these tests too.
    Easy that shade of lip stick is very becoming on you!!
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  17. I don’t wear anything that’s tested on animals:-) But mummy’s not so sure and is embarrassed cos she never checks. She’s frantically looking online to find out. Thanks for highlighting this Easy!

  18. That’s a wonderful idea, E. A small step at a time makes a big difference. I need some of that lipstick you’re wearing. It’s stunning.

    Love and licks,

  19. LifeOfBun says:

    Aw Easy that’s so great to hear! You made my day.
    I like what you said about slowly integrating non-tested things, I didn’t throw away my old products either. That would be a complete waste.
    Step by step is the way to go!

    • Of course it is – and the best, the touché eclat ripp off is on the black list too – my wallet is happy now. But sadly they say the bodyshop is blacklisted now too, for being a member of the l’oreal group – is it true?

  20. Will and Eko says:

    Great call, Easy! Eko fills the same role – he’s got looks enough to share, so all I need is a bar of soap.

  21. rebecca2000 says:

    You saw the caption on my boob picture today, so you know where I stand on this issue. 😉 Really I agree.

  22. Gizmo says:

    well done Easy…it may seem like a small step, but if everyone took that step and refused to buy products tested on animals companies would change their ways…well done on meeting Rumpy’s challenge

  23. Great post Easy! I carry that little list from PETA in my purse too, and love to see when companies turn over a new leaf and get added to the safe list! 🙂

  24. […] Mom and I read my very good furriend Easy’s blog today, click here, and he gave us more ideas about what we can do TODAY to keep on making a difference for animal […]

  25. kolytyi says:

    It was very shocking for me to see how long the list of the firms is who do such tests…
    I haven’t found my favourite company on the list – it’s a German firm called Alverde.

  26. I think so – specially if they are included in a large group or concern ;o)

  27. raisingdaisy says:

    We’re very careful not to buy products that are tested on animals. Years ago, we discovered that M&M Mars tests their colors and other ingredients on animals, and I gave up my favorites on the spot – M&Ms. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve had one, and even though I miss them, I’m happy with my decision. And I pass the word about that company along to everyone else too.

    • GREAT! I had no clue that even the M&M’s are contaminated – they are banned here from now. And they are testing colors and admixtures on animals… that’s weird, isn’t it?

  28. onebluedog says:

    Good work, Easy! And you are definitely beautiful enough for your whole family! 😀

  29. Ann Paws says:

    Hey Easy, I has a question – is your mom’s name Laura? I got a donation from an email that I’m unfamiliar with and I think it’s from you and your momma.

  30. I think (read: hope) my beauty products aren’t animal tested, but I’m going to double check. You are lovely and I’m sure your mum is too! We’ve joined the challenge too:

  31. Love the pooch puckerup photo!

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